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Which Revenge Cast Member Is Madeleine Stowe Crushing On? The Answer May Shock You!

Though she plays a stone-cold Ice Queen on Revenge, actress Madeleine Stowe couldn’t be more opposite in real life. According to comments from her co-stars, Maddy is a very warm and kind person to be around.

But out of the Revenge cast, who would the 54-year-old actress like to “be around” a bit more? No, it’s not Henry Czerny who plays her ex-husband Conrad Grayson, but rather another, much younger, man who she barely shares the screen with.

When Glamour Magazine asked Madeleine which cast member she’d call to pick her up if she was stranded, she replied, "Well, Nick Wechsler because I have a huge crush on him, but we barely get to work together! [laughs]"

So Maddy is digging Jack Porter? We could definitely get behind that! Sure, she’s married in real life, and a Jack/Victoria hook up could be the least likely pairing, but we can dream!

What do you think of Madeleine’s crush? Weigh in below!

Source: Glamour Magazine

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