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The X Factor

Why Is Britney Spears’s Cell and Internet Usage Being Monitored?

Poor Britney. First she gets called out for having psoriasis. Then, The X Factor judge gets accused of doing meth. Now, it seems that the poor girl can’t even surf the ‘net (do people still say that?) or sext (Brit never sexts, okay? We’re totally kidding) without her dad reading it — which is just creepy.

Remember how we were chatting about Sam Lufti’s trial and how that strangely-facial-haired dude accused our precious Britney of doing drugs? Yeah, well his restraining order expired this year and so now he is reportedly all up in Brit’s grill.

So, for her own protection, Papa Spears is using his remaining power as conservator (the ‘ship ends this year) to monitor Britney’s cell phone and internet interactions to make sure Sam doesn’t contact her. Although Radar reports that her cell has been programmed to block numbers associated with her pap ex, that’s not all that’s been done to protect her.

In addition to controlling incoming and outgoing calls, her conservators have also blocked certain websites that publish negative stories about her.

No word on whether any of them are umbrella stores.

Source: Radar, Perez Hilton

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10.4.2012 / 03:44 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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