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True Blood

Anna Paquin Talks True Blood Love Scenes: “Nudity Just Doesn’t Faze Me”

Throughout True Blood’s five seasons, we’ve seen almost every inch of Anna Paquin — and she likes it that way.

“Nudity just doesn’t faze me,” she admitted to Red magazine. “If it wasn’t something I was up for, I certainly wouldn’t have got involved.”

But is the nudity too gratuitous on the show? She doesn’t think so.

“I’m sure sometimes it feels like they just take our clothes away because ... they like taking our clothes away,” she admitted. “But in True Blood, it feels creatively motivated. Sex and sexuality is a big part of adult life. Our target audience is not teenagers.”

Considering that she’s married to co-star Stephen Moyer, sex scenes with him are far from awkward. “There is a fine line between what we do and what adult actors do,” she added with a giggle, but went on to explain the ins and outs of keeping certain private parts covered during on-screen lovin’.

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And while her explanation of the infamous “Cock Sock” was interesting — “It’s a little modesty pouch and they put everything inside there, and it gets tied up” — her insights on the “Snatch Patch” (pictured left) were the most intriguing.

“There’s the little patch that goes over the lady bits, basically a thong with the sides cut out of it, which you tape to yourself. Which is not massively pleasant, but it certainly draws clean lines around what they can and cannot show on camera,” she explained. “And it’s not just for the comfort of the actors: the crew [doesn’t] want to see more than they absolutely have to. I think it’s kind of polite, y’know?”

However, even if the cast and crew wanted to compliment Anna on her gorgeous body, she wouldn’t be able to — she’s a humble gal!

“I can’t take a compliment,” she admitted. “I cannot accept praise on any level without feeling wildly uncomfortable and totally undeserving.”

Is there too much nudity on True Blood? Tell us your thoughts below!

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