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Jersey Shore

Deena Nicole: Chris and I “Have Talked About” Getting Engaged – Exclusive

Deena Nicole may have spent most of the Jersey Shore Season 6 premiere (Season 6, Episode 1: “Once More Unto the Beach” and Episode 2: “No Shame, Good Integrity”) in tears, but at the premiere party in New York on October 4, she was all smiles.

In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Deena opened up about her “best friend” and boyfriend Chris Buckner, why The Situation was “a pleasure” to be around, and why we won’t see her “nani” this season.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How have you changed since Season 3, when you first came on the show?
Deena Nicole: I’ve definitely matured since [starting] Jersey Shore. I definitely won’t show my underwear. I have a boyfriend now, I have a little more respect for myself now, I guess since I’m older. I mean I still get drunk and everything but I won’t go showing my nani all over the place. It’s embarrassing.

Did Snooki being pregnant and The Situation being sober change the dynamic this season?
It definitely didn’t change the dynamic that much. We still had Snooki, she was right next door, she was just the same person. She’s fun, she’s loving. And Mike was a pleasure to be around this year. He was different [in the past] and he was hard to get along with, but now he’s a great person.

What are some of the reasons you love Chris?
I love Chris because he loves me for me, and he doesn’t look at the whole Jersey Shore thing. Me and him always had the same friends, so he sees past just me being on the Jersey Shore, and my character on Jersey Shore, and he makes me laugh. He’s my best friend.

Do you see yourself getting engaged soon?
You know, me and Chris have talked about it. We’ve been together almost a year now, but we definitely want to move in together first and then take steps by step. No rush.

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Who do you think will get married first: JWOWW or Snooki?
I think that maybe Jenni might get married first. I think that she said she wants to get married within the year, maybe. Yeah.

I don’t know, I mean [Snooki] just got pregnant, she just had Lorenzo, and I think they’re still getting used to that. But whoever gets married first, who cares? They’re both engaged!

What are you planning to do after Jersey Shore?
After Jersey Shore, I’m working on my hair product line, I’m working on a clothing line, and I’ve been taking voice lessons for voiceovers for cartoons.

What kind of style will your clothing line be?
Definitely it’s sexy, classy. It’s for all women. Skinny girls can wear it, thick girls can wear it, and I just wanted to have all girls feel comfortable and sexy.

What are you going to be for Halloween?
I’m not sure yet, but I saw this one costume, it was really creative. It was an olive. It was a three-olives bottle. So I would pick cherry because that’s my favorite one.

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