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Glee Rumor Patrol: Is Cory Monteith Jealous of Girlfriend Lea Michele’s Chemistry With Dean Geyer?

We guess this sort of thing was bound to happen eventually. Now that Rachel’s (Lea Michele) relationship with new guy Brody (Dean Geyer) has started to heat up on Glee Season 4, Star Magazine is claiming that sparks have started to fly between the two actors off-screen, as well.

The mag writes that a real-life love triangle has begun to form on the Glee set. We all know that Lea and her co-star Cory Monteith (Finn) have been happily dating for a while now. But now that Lea’s Glee character seems possibly ready to move on to a new man Star seems to think that the actress herself must be feeling the same way.

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Star quotes an unnamed insider as saying that Cory is so worried about Lea and Dean getting together that he’s “forbidden Lea from seeing he after the cameras stop rolling.” What’s more, the mag says that Cory even “had a sit-down with Dean to confront him.”

Do you buy their story? It sounds pretty baseless to us. Sure, Dean and Lea have chemistry on-screen — but so do plenty of TV couples. We seen absolutely no reason for Monchele fans to be worried.

So... that was whatever. Can we get back to talking about the actual show now?

Source: Star Magazine (via Gossip Cop)

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