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Glee Season 4 Shock: Blaine Cheated on Kurt Before “The Break-Up”! Would You Forgive Him?

Now that is one Glee plot twist that we did not see coming, at all. During Season 4, Episode 4: “The Break-Up,” Blaine (Darren Criss) tearfully revealed that he had cheated on Kurt (Chris Colfer). Yes, you read that right. He cheated!

We should have known something was up. He was staring guiltily at those flirty text messages from Eli C. early on in the episode, after all!

But this is Blaine we’re talking about. We figured he and Eli must have had some witty repertoire at a the local bow-tie shop. No way could we have predicted they actually hooked up.

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Man, Darren Criss wasn’t kidding when he said that Season 4 Blaine has totally turned into “a meanie now.” Who is this guy? And what has he done with the Blaine Anderson that we all fell in love with?

We knew from the spoiler photos that Kurt and Blaine would probably break up in this episode, but we sort of just assumed that Kurt would be the one to blame, if anyone. But now, accidentally hanging up on your BF or dodging a couple of phone calls because you’re too busy chillin’ with Sarah Jessica Parker seems like nothing. Blaine cheated. He willingly hooked up with another guy while he was still very much in a relationship with Kurt.

Guys, we know this is Blaine we’re talking about, so it’s pretty difficult to hate him no matter what he does. But this offense feels pretty unforgivable. Should Kurt even bother taking his phone calls and trying to accept his apology, or is it not at all worth it? Would YOU forgive Blaine for what he’s done?

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