Glee Season 4: Should Brittany and Santana Have Broken Up?
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Glee Season 4: Should Brittany and Santana Have Broken Up?

We’re like five seconds into the grieving process since watching Brittana break up on Glee. So, while we’re mostly in denial, we have to wonder (put down the sharp objects) if Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera) really should have broken up (put. them. down.).

Seriously, this is pretty much the worst possible outcome of Season 4, Episode 4 “The Break-Up.” We’d even rather see Wemma dissolve their engagement than have to face the end of Britt and Santana. But let’s think this through, if for no other reason than to feel some empathy for the positions B & S were in when the catastrophic event unfolded.

At the end of last season, we found out that Brittany wasn’t graduating from McKinley after all (what, 0.0 isn’t a good GPA? We get confused about numbers sometimes too, Britt). After Santana’s mom (Gloria Estefan we love you!) gave her a fat check so she could pursue her dreams and move to New York City — even though Brittany wouldn’t be by her side in a matching flip skirt — we were feeling a little stressed. But because we love Santana so much, we just wanted her to pursue her dreams in the big city.

Glee Season 4: Should Brittany and Santana Have Broken Up?
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So, when we found out that Santana wouldn’t be moving to New York after all, and would instead continue the basket toss lifestyle in a Louisville cheer uniform, we wondered if their separation was worth it. It’s great that Santana wants to go to college and we admire that she can do it while cheering like a champ. But it’s not Lima and it’s not New York and it’s not with Brittany.

Fast forward to Glee executive producer Brad Falchuk’s announcement that Santana will likely be moving to NYC sooner than later. Well, that seems just dandy to us because Santana is a great cheerleader and all, but she would be much happier singing and being the star she is on a stage.

The short of it is, location is going to continue to be a problem for Santana and Brittany. Until Britt graduates (She’d better graduate. Second year senior is funny, third year is Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused), she will be in Lima for a while. And as long as they’re apart (Santana can only come home to do her laundry so often and we are afraid of what would happen to Britt if she tried to travel alone — So. Many. Sidewalks.), there will be problems.

Glee Season 4: Should Brittany and Santana Have Broken Up?
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Long-distance relationships are tough and Santana realized that. Remember the sadness we felt in Season 4, Episode 2, when Brittany was in full-on meltdown mode and Santana didn’t have time to talk? Brittany really needed her girlfriend and Santana is in a new place, living a new life and needs to immerse herself in that world since she is all alone there.

Well, multiply the way you felt then by the effects of timing, times the amount of money it takes to travel between Lima and Louisville. Now add in the resentment Britt and Santana would feel for one another for not being able to understand the other’s life enough to make the effort worth the pain. Considering the guilt Santana felt just smiling at a girl in the library, we can’t imagine that she would cheat on Brittany. But the temptation is there and the distance is great and so maybe it really was the mature thing for them to break up.

Before you start crying again, think about the other thing Brad Falchuk said — just because a couple breaks up doesn’t mean they won’t get back together. “We’re going to challenge every relationship,” Brad says. After all, sometimes couples “break up and they get back together, but we’re gonna really push them all.”

Consider them challenged. As for whether this is one of the couples that gets back together, we’ll just have to wait (and cry) and see.

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