In Defense of Glee’s Blaine: Who’s Really Responsible For the Break-Up
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In Defense of Glee’s Blaine: Who’s Really Responsible For the Break-Up

It would be easy to say “Blaine cheated on Kurt, so he’s the one to blame for their problems,” and leave it at that. But is that really fair? We don’t think so. Of course it’s true that Blaine was shown texting with Eli C., and he even admitted to hooking up with him. However, that’s not the whole story.

Let’s start back before NYADA. In fact, let’s go back to the beginning of Kurt and Blaine.

When they met, it was adorable. If unicorns had opposable thumbs, they would have knit sweaters made of clouds for the darling duo. The amount of crushing happening between them was so freaking darling, we died a little... and then were reborn as better versions of ourselves. Remember “Teenage Dream”? The first one, we mean. Not the depressing — albeit beautiful — version from last night, when Blaine welled up in tears while singing to “the love of my life” at Callbacks.

In Defense of Glee’s Blaine: Who’s Really Responsible For the Break-Up
Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Blaine Gave Up Everything For Kurt
Remember when Kurt transferred to Dalton and Blaine made him feel at home? And then when they both transferred to McKinley because Blaine “couldn’t stand to be away from the person he loves”? Yeah, we remember it too. And apparently it was true.

Klaine has lasted through Sebastian (who “smells like Craigslist”), that guy Chandler who hearted Kurt’s hippo pin (just because a boy has avant garde taste, doesn’t mean he’s the one), and the understated rivalry between the two for solos.

Kurt Left Blaine Behind for NYC, and Didn’t Look Back
However, once Kurt got to New York City, things changed. Although it’s true that they were planning to stay together despite the long distance between them, they didn’t consider the fact that each of them would have to establish new lives alone. In Lima, Blaine had been dubbed “the new Rachel” by Artie and became President, meaning he was going to have a lot of responsibility in the coming year.

Meanwhile, Kurt tried the whole “visiting graduate” thing and it was... hard to watch. He no longer belonged in Lima and he was always meant to shine in New York with Rachel, so it wasn’t difficult for us to imagine that Blaine would join Kurt soon after graduation and things would just move on from there.

In Defense of Glee’s Blaine: Who’s Really Responsible For the Break-Up
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So Now Sarah Jessica Parker is Cooler Than Your Boyfriend? Nice.
We were thrilled for Kurt when he got a job working with SJP (who also recognized the majesty of his taste in broaches) at He’s a great singer, but we were first introduced to him because of his Marc Jacobs outerwear, and he’s always been a fashion icon on the show.

We were less thrilled when he dodged phone calls from Blaine — especially on election night, when Blaine won and had to lie about Kurt’s reaction, since he didn’t get to tell him. We get that it’s easy to be caught up in the lights and sparkle of New York City, but we didn’t think even the allure of an accessories closet could come between Kurt and the gorgeous, sweet, brave Blaine.

Blaine Tried Everything to Save Their Relationship
When Blaine arrived in New York, it was obvious that he came because he had to see Kurt. We just didn’t know then that it was guilt that drove him there (well, we had an inkling, but we told that inkling “YOU SHUT UP, INKLING!”). It sucks that he cheated on Kurt and we cried along with them when Blaine told him the truth. But the bottom line is, he was abandoned and hurt that Kurt seemed to have moved on to a new life, a fancier world that didn’t include Blaine. Kurt wasn’t answering his phone calls and he felt alone and unsure of their future together.

In Defense of Glee’s Blaine: Who’s Really Responsible For the Break-Up
Credit: Mike Yarish/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

In Season 2, Episode 16 “Original Song,” Blaine told Kurt “You did win. So did I. We got each other out of all this. That beats a lousy trophy, don’t you think?” So, when he won all the things — President, lead soloist, hottest guy ever to wear a blazer with piping on it (okay, that last one was our award) — it was hard for him to do it alone. He cares less about winning a prize than he does about celebrating or being with Kurt.

There’s no excuse for Blaine’s actions and he knows that. But Kurt told Blaine in Season 2, Episode 18: “Born This Way” that he’ll “never say goodbye” to him, and we’re afraid that what we thought that meant — that the two will be together forever — isn’t what’s going to happen. If Kurt doesn’t answer Blaine’s calls, it will eventually end anyway.

Do you think Kurt needs to take responsibility for his actions and not just blame Blaine? Do you think what Blaine did was inexcusable? Most importantly, will this be the end of Klaine? Do tell.

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