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Jersey Shore

Is Deena Nicole’s Relationship With Chris Buckner Unhealthy?

Deena Nicole may finally have a boyfriend, but with all the crying fits and anxiety her relationship is causing her, is she in need of a reality check?

On the Jersey Shore Season 6 premiere (Season 6, Episode 1: “Once More Unto the Beach” and Episode 2: “No Shame, Good Integrity”), Deena was super-excited to introduce Chris Buckner to her roommates. But almost as soon as he showed up, she was crying into her drinks. After having loads of fun at Karma in a hot blue dress, Deena spotted Vinny having an intense conversation with Chris at the bar. For some reason, she assumed that Vinny was being mean to Chris, and burst into tears.

Vinny pointed out the next morning on the Shore house roof, her relationship might be unhealthy. She described Chris as “a part of me,” signaling the self-help author in Vinny to help her understand codependency. We’re not sure if she got the point, but she definitely gave it a ponder.

What do you think? Is Deena Nicole too dependent on Chris? Should anyone really be crying that much if they’re in a happy relationship? Or is everyone overreacting?

Tell us in the reaction buttons below: Is Deena’s relationship unhealthy?

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