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Is Gary Head Really Moving in With Jenelle Evans’s Former Best Friend Hannah?!

Sigh, Gary Head. What happened to you, buddy? We first met this friendly-faced hottie when he started dating Jenelle Evans on New Year's Eve 2012, but their relationship quickly went from hot to not.

Jenelle and Gary were going strong for a few months, but then he went slightly cray-cray and attacked her — a crime which landed Jenelley in the hospital and Gary in court! Mr. Head pleaded guilty to assault charges, but now it looks like he's moving on with his life, sans chicken Alfredo and Uggs.

So, where is Jenelle's ex-boyfriend now? It appears that Gary is still a marine Lance Corporal at Camp Lejeune, but he's about to move to Wilmington, where he's apartment hunting with (wait for it!) Jenelle's ex-bestie, Hannah Inman!

We know, we know, amazing — but these two are just friends. In fact, Gary is casually hanging out with a lovely lady named Jade, who he's been chilling with nonstop for the past few months. Who knows if it's true love or just a fling, but hey, whatever makes him happy.

In other news, Gary has been busy following the presidential elections, but he's of the opinion that "the government is ran by @TheIlluminati" and therefore won't be voting. Good to know.

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