Is There Hope for Sookie and Eric? According to Alexander Skarsgard, “He’s Not Over Her”
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True Blood

Is There Hope for Sookie and Eric? According to Alexander Skarsgard, “He’s Not Over Her”

In True Blood Season 5, Sookie Stackhouse basically swore off relationships.

Aside from throwing up on Alcide’s shoes, our girl didn’t get much action — especially from sexy vampire Eric Northman. But is there hope for our favorite couple? According to star Alexander Skarsgard, we shouldn’t give up on them yet.

“With Sookie, he’s not over her, it’s more about that he punishes himself because he opened up and let her in,” Alex told UK-based SFX. “Last season, even after the spell was gone, he said, ‘I still want you,’ and she said no!”

Because of that rejection, Eric isn’t ready to let anyone else in — except for his sister, Nora, who we saw a lot of in Season 5 — instead, choosing to hold back to keep from getting hurt again.

“He’s like, ‘You f—king idiot, this is what happens when you open up, this is the reason you have this wall around yourself emotionally, because when you let a human in, you get hurt!’” he continued. “So even though there is still obviously a connection he’s very much … no.”

Of course, this interview was in reference to True Blood Season 5, which is currently airing in the UK, so there’s a chance the former couple will reconcile in Season 6!

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