“Pregnant Bitch Is Here” Top Quotes From Jersey Shore Season 6 Premiere
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Jersey Shore

“Pregnant Bitch Is Here” Top Quotes From Jersey Shore Season 6 Premiere

Jersey Shore is back and that means tons of hilarious quotes from the cast. Here are the top quotes from the cast from the Season 6 premiere, including details about Snooki’s farts and what rule number 667 is in the Swag Handbook.

JWOWW: “I’m actually really shocked that Roger’s still with me.”
Wait until he proposes!

Snooki: “S**t my vagina hurts.”
She said this while driving. Imagine what she said when she gave birth.

Deena Nicole’s mom: “What are you gonna do without your meatball? You’ll be like a solo meatball.”
And with that, Deena’s mom won her way into our hearts.

Snooki: “Pregnant bitch is here!”
You have to give her credit, she knows how to make an entrance.

Vinny “Nicole not being able to tan in a tanning salon is like a fish not being able to swim and staring at the ocean.”

Snooki: “[My farts] just squeeze out. I always just sneeze and big fart comes out.”
The rules of TMI do not apply to Snooki.

Sammi to Deena after she starts crying: “I thought you just got your period or something and you couldn’t get up.”
Is that what was going on every time Sammi started crying?

Snooki, after trying to read an analog clock: “I can tell time.”
But don’t ask her to do it in under 30 minutes.

Deena to Mike: “Don’t be fresh! Don’t disrespect!”
Suddenly we got a flash of what Deena will be like as a mom.

Jionni: “Make sure they don’t like jump on you or anything while you’re sleeping.”
It isn’t like she’s going into a house with immature pranksters … oh, wait.

Sammi: “When Ronnie drinks he gets like abducted.”
Maybe Ronnie should watch out for what’s in his drinks!

The Situation: “In the Swag Handbook rule no. 667 it states that you cannot have sex with a girl when she’s on her period unless she’s your girlfriend. And unless she’s been your girlfriend for a minute.”
The rules of swag are complicated and weird.

Deena Nicole: “I think I have a chemical imbalance.”
Maybe it’s from all those blasts in a glass.

Deena Nicole: “Integrity means like shame. And if I have a lot of shame I have a lot integrity.”
The New Jersey public school system must be feeling pretty proud right now.

Jersey Shore airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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