Project Runway Season 10: Are You Happy With the Final Four? Who Should Win? (POLL)
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Project Runway Season 10: Are You Happy With the Final Four? Who Should Win? (POLL)

Spoiler alert! Stop reading now if you don’t want details on the Thursday, October 4 episode.

Here they are, the finalists of Project Runway Season 10: Christopher Palu, Dmitry Sholokhov, Melissa Fleis and Fabio Costa. Missing? Sonjia Williams, one of the former frontrunners to win the whole thing. The judges loved her up to this point — and Heidi Klum loved the avant garde dress she made for this final challenge, but no one else did.

Do you agree that the judges picked the right final four? Next week someone will probably get cut, so only three show at New York Fashion Week. Who do you think will be the official finalists? Head here to see the final eight designers’ Fashion Week collections — including the decoys — from the runway show on September 7. If we had to guess, we'd say Fabio is getting cut and Christopher wins it all. The judges adore him.

Share your vote for the winner in the poll at the end of the story!

Project Runway Season 10: Are You Happy With the Final Four? Who Should Win? (POLL)
Credit: Lifetime    


On Episode 12, "In a Place Far, Far Away," the designers had to create avant garde looks based on L’Oreal’s new makeup line, which sounds like it was inspired by repeated viewings of Once Upon a Time.

• Fabio Costa had to work with the Enchanted Queen makeup colors.
• Sonjia Williams got The Seductive Temptress.
• Dmitry Sholokhov got The Wise Mystic.
• Melissa Fleis got The Artsy Muse.
• Christopher Palu was last name to come out of Tim Gunn’s velvet bag, so he got to choose his leading lady makeup muse — he picked Enchanted Queen.

They were given a budget of $400. For some reason, this final challenge was not tied at all to their actual Fashion Week collections. It was just another standalone challenge.


Sonjia: She lost some important gold fabric along the way from Mood to the workroom, but she’s the self-declared Make It Work Queen. Apparently her way of making it work was to create an extremely green gown. Heidi Klum said she could see many ladies wearing that dress on the red carpet. Ah. No. Just no. Although, Heidi wears some crazy stuff, so maybe she’d wear it. Michael Kors said “It looks like an ice skating costume that Nancy Kerrigan skated through a banquet hall.” Agreed. Sonjia said Melissa and Dmitry should go with her to Fashion Week.

Christopher: Michael thought it was “a little goth Victorian” to him, which is what Christopher was going for. But MK was not into the feathers on the arms. “To me she looks like she has hairy forearms.” There wasn’t enough construction in the bust. Guest judge Zoe Saldana said the chest is the second place people look, after the face. (Is that true?) The back looked beautiful, all the judges agreed. Christopher said Fabio and Dmitry should go with him to Fashion Week.

Project Runway Season 10: Are You Happy With the Final Four? Who Should Win? (POLL)
Credit: Lifetime    

Dmitry: He declared himself King Dmitry but Tim thought Dmitry’s look was too ready-to-wear and not avant garde. Heidi thought his dress was amazing. She loved the peekaboo down the leg. Zoe thought his sleeves were stunning. MK called Dmitry “a brilliant tailor” but he was troubled by the “costumey” shoulders with the “Vampira” neck. No one liked the neck. As Nina Garcia put it, “When in doubt, don’t go there.” But she thought it was “impeccable work.” Dmitry said Fabio and Christopher should go with him to Fashion Week. WINNER! He was named the winner of this finale avant garde challenge. Way to go, sexy Belarus boy!

Fabio: He detailed all of Tim’s many stages of silence, then flipped his coat upside down to be more “fabulous” and avant garde — aka new and different and something that makes people step back and say “whoa!” That’s how Fabio described it, anyway. Avant garde can be just about anything, if you explain it convincingly enough, and it seems to be in the eye of beholder. Michael said Fabio’s jacket was “fantastic” but Fabio lost him with the palazzo pants. Heidi didn’t like the look at all. “She looks like she’s going to a funeral.” Zoe didn’t think it was flattering. MK thought a lot of fashion editors would wear the jacket and pair it with some skinny jeans. Heidi liked the jacket more when Fabio flipped it back around. Team Michael again. Heidi can just go try to wear Sonjia’s green dress. Fabio said Melissa and Christopher should go with him to Fashion Week.

Melissa: Michael loved her artsy outfit. He said she has a very good hand for leather. The skirt is “interesting and flattering.” When the outfit turned the corner he instantly knew it was hers and knew she must’ve struggled to use color, since she just loves black. Nina loved the vest. She wasn’t crazy about the long length of the skirt (yes) but all in all she liked it. Heidi didn’t know which outfit was uglier, Fabio or Melissa’s. (Heidi! How can you think this is uglier than Sonjia’s?) Melissa said Sonjia and Fabio should go with her to Fashion Week.

Who is your favorite to win? And don’t forget that Project Runway: All Stars Season 2 will premiere on October 25 on Lifetime.

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I can't wait to see who wins!

I wanted Sonjia in the final four!

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