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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: New Details on Emily’s Love Interest, Aiden Mathis, Connect Him to the Underwater Death

When we tuned into the premiere of Revenge Season 2 last week, there was a sexy new face to drool over. No, sillies, we’re not talking about the new actor playing Takeda, but rather British babe, Aiden Mathis.

Emily Thorne’s revenge school peer seemed to have quite the past with our ass-kicking karate champ. And thanks to some new spoilers from TV Guide, we’ve learned even more about this newcomer.

"There's quite a strong history between them," Aiden’s portrayer, Barry Sloane, tells the publication. "A lot of things have gone on that leave her not entirely sure she can trust him now."

And we hear Aiden will really hinder Em’s quest to find her mother. Show creator Mike Kelley teases “an extremely violent action” at the end of this week’s upcoming episode, “Resurrection,” will cause our girl some major setbacks! Could it have anything to do with the body we see in the spoiler photos for Episode 3?

And that’s not the only potential murder Aiden’s connected to. Mike hints that Aiden "may play a part in what happened in the flash-forward with Jack's boat."

Say what?! Could he be underwater groom? Or maybe he’s responsible for the explosion itself!

But for now, Aiden’s set to be Em’s love interest this season, and around early November, we’re going to be see them spending much more quality time together.

"I like to think they're going to have this Mr. & Mrs. Smith-type relationship as two trained killers who take their anger out on each other,” Emily VanCamp says.

We hope their hookup is as hot as Brad and Angelina’s! But hopefully, their love life won’t continue off screen like Brangelina considering Barry’s engaged and Emily’s currently dating co-star Josh Bowman (Daniel Grayson).

What do you think of Aiden thus far? Weigh in below!

Source: TV Guide

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