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Revenge Season 2: Was David Clarke Involved in Locking Up Emily Thorne’s Mother, Kara Wallace Clarke?

Word on the Hamptons shores is that Emily Thorne’s mother, Kara Wallace Clarke, is a certifiable psycho. But who filled out that paperwork? Emily’s entire life mission is to avenge her father’s death and to bring down those who framed him for terrorist activities, but would that change if she learned he wasn’t the nicest papa at the picnic?

In Sunday night’s Revenge Season 2 premiere, we learned that David Clarke and Victoria Grayson both visited Kara in the psychiatric ward the week David was arrested for supposedly working with Americon Initiative, a terrorist group.

The mysterious mother was staying at the Angel of Mercy Hospital — located about 25 miles from where both of Em’s parents grew up — but who committed her to this séance-worthy location?

When Emily and Nolan visit the rundown hospital, she sees an infinity symbol carved into the bindings which once held her mother down. David Clarke always told young Amanda that he loved her “infinity time infinity.” Was this just a way of one-upping her mother’s single infinity sign?

David’s always been presented to us as an innocent, but how innocent is a man who’s willing to start an affair with his boss’s wife?

What do you think? Was David Clarke involved in committing Kara Wallace Clarke to the insane asylum? Weigh in below!

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