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Jersey Shore

Snooki Season 1 vs. Snooki Season 6: Which Do You Prefer?

Snooki emerged as the breakout star in Jersey Shore, but she has changed a lot from her pouf’d days in Season 1. With Season 6 premiering last night, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the ways Snooks has changed since Season 1.

-She’s doesn’t have to fight for her castmates’ affection any more. It’s hard to believe, but back when Jersey Shore first started, the rest of the cast didn’t like her. In fact, they kinda thought she was a dork. Angelina and Sammi in particular would mock her for her wild behavior and unfashionable hairstyle. Of course, once Snooki became the star of the show and the cast resumed filming for Season 2, everyone was suddenly her best friend. (With the exception of JWOWW, who was always close to Snooki.)

-She lost the pouf. Somewhere between Miami and Florence, Snooki lost her trademark pouf. She’s since traded it in for hair accessories like flowers and bows. We can’t say that we don’t miss the pouf, but Snooks’ hair does look pretty good these days.

-She’s got a good man. Snooki had an amazing knack for landing the worst nightmare boyfriends. (Remember Emilio? Ugh.) Luckily, she eventually found True Love and Perfection in Jionni LaValle, her baby daddy and fiancé.

-She’s rich. Even though Snooki denies that she is “rich,” she is pretty wealthy. She earns a reported $150,000 per episode for Season 6 and she also runs her own business that includes perfume, slippers, and a line of glasses. Snooki is a brand, yo! While getting drunk and having sex on TV may not be a good career move for most of us, Snooki found a way to turn it into multi-million dollar empire. We guess she doesn’t really need to work at the Shore Store to make rent after all.

-She’s not friends with The Situation anymore. As the two outcasts (and eventual stars) of Season 1, Snooki and The Situation formed a strange friendship. However, that relationship was ripped apart in Season 4 when Mike started to spread a rumor that he had slept with Snooki while she was still dating Jionni. Snooki denied the charge, but Mike wouldn’t let up, eventually telling Jionni to his face. (To his credit, Jionni brushed off Mike’s allegations as made-up drama.) Although the newly-sober Situation tries to repair the pair’s relationship, Snooki made it very clear in the Season 6 premiere that she doesn’t want to be his friend anymore.

-She’s a mommy. Probably the most obvious difference between Season 1 and Season 6 Snooki is that she’s pregnant. Now that Snooks has popped out her mini-meatball, she has taken on the role of adorable (and responsible!) mom. Of course, being a mommy and being the wild ‘n’ crazy Princess of Poughkeepsie don’t really work together, so Snooki has changed her party habits.

Do you prefer Season 1 Snooki or Season 6 Snooki? Vote below!

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