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The X Factor

Top 10 Quotes From X Factor Bootcamp: “They Are Now Fighting For Their Lives”

X Factor bootcamp is a terrifying place where dreams die, people drown in their own tears, randoms fall asleep (looking at you, L.A. Reid), and Britney Spears blows our collective mind with her triumphant musings about how much she hates everyone. Check out the top 10 quotes from episode 8, which will more than likely have you shouting "I want my mom!" in anguish.

10. Simon complains about Jennel: "She was just like this washed up afraid little person."
Um, maybe she would have felt better if you buttoned your free-flowing tunic, Simon.

9. Demi muses: "From experience, it's so hard when you're that young."
In case you forgot, the rest of the judges are ancient geriatrics.

8. Britney sums up Vino: "There's a rawness to him."
Does anyone else think he looks like K-Fed? Just putting it out there!

7. Britney gives us an update: "The battle is on for a place at the judges' homes."
Excuse us, we just face-planted at the thought of seeing Britney's bedroom.

6. L.A. waxes poetic about Jeffrey: "He had the fire behind his eyes."
OMG, he was The Girl on Fire!

5. CeCe feels the feelings: "I want this like the very oxygen that is in my lungs."
She's such a poetic genius.

4. Jessie sobs all over his mohawk: "All my eggs was right here. All of my eggs was right here, man."
We can't. We don't. No words.

3. Simon doesn't even pretend not to be cray-cray: "They are now fighting for their lives."
Well, this is terrifying.

2. Arin chats about his crush: "Maybe afterwards something can happen."
Has he learned nothing from Peeta and Katniss?

1. Britney sad faces: "I don't like that she's crying, it makes me wanna cry!"
Quick, the Pepsi Dragon. UNLEASH THE PEPSI DRAGON!

10.5.2012 / 06:56 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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