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Teen Mom

Which of Jenelle Evans’s Boyfriends Is Hotter: Courtland vs. Kieffer (PHOTOS)

Let's take a moment of silence for Kieffer Delp, who is currently wandering the backwoods of New Jersey after being dumped by Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans. It seemed to us that he lived his life like a candle in the wind, never knowing who to cling to when rain set in. Sob!

Jenelle has replaced Kieffer with a mega-hunk named Courtland Rogers, and the only way we can get through these changes is through the beautiful power of a hot-off. The contenders? Kieffer and Courtland (duh), two studs alike in studliness.

Kieffer slayed us with his dark, swarthy and unshowered looks, and we couldn't get enough of his shirtless pics. Plus, that hoodie. Oh, that hoodie. But then there's Courtland, who is a breath of fresh (read: clean) air compared to The Delp.

Courtland couldn't look more different from his predecessor — he's pale, bald, and seems to have kind, innocent eyes (for now). We have yet to see Courtland sans shirt, but we have it on good authority from Jenelle that he's packin major man-heat.

So, which of Jenelle's hunks do you think is hotter? Vote on it, ladies!

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