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Which Scene Featuring Beckett and Esposito Was Cut Out of Castle’s Season 5 Premiere?

By the time an episode of Castle reaches our TV sets, it has undoubtedly been through numerous iterations during the editing process, with a number of scenes left on the cutting room floor. How else do you think they pack all that crime-solving action into 45 minutes of airtime?

Unfortunately, we'll never be able to see the majority of Castle's deleted scenes — unless ABC releases them in the official DVD, of course — but that doesn't mean we can't hear about them!

According to TVLine's Matt Mitovich, who visited the Castle set during the filming of the Season 5 premiere, "After the Storm," a scene involving Beckett and Esposito was nixed from the final package.

So what exactly happened between the detective and her pal Javi?

"The scene I saw them film during my set visit had Espo storming out of Beckett’s apartment when Ryan showed up to help with the Cole Maddox case, and Kate then reeling him back in," Matt revealed. "It’s a shame it got cut since it took many takes to get Esposito’s angry door-slam just right, but in hindsight the sequence probably made the character look too petty."

Not exactly game-changing, but we can see Matt's point. What do you make of it, Castle experts? Did the powers-that-be make the right choice by dropping this scene?

Source: TVLine

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10.5.2012 / 09:14 PM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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