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Once Upon a Time

Why Regina Said “Who Is Jefferson?” on Once Upon a Time

Why did Regina (Lana Parrilla) say “Who’s Jefferson?” on the Once Upon a Time Season 2 premiere when Emma (Jennifer Morrison) said she knew the queen had just whipped out Jefferson/The Mad Hatter’s (Sebastian Stan) magical hat? Anyone hoping for a big mystery or telling “a-ha” moment may be disappointed. According to Jennifer Morrison, the answer is very simple — Regina’s pants were on fire!

“She was saying she didn’t recognize his name, but she obviously knew who he was,” Jennifer told TVLine. “She was just lying — the same way that she did in the jail cell, when she said to Rumplestiltskin, ‘Oh, [Belle]‘s alive?’ And he was like, ‘Bulls–t, you knew she was alive.’”

Oh, Regina! They don’t call her The Evil Queen for nothing. But why bother even attempting such weak lies? Jenn said Regina’s trying to cover her tracks so she doesn’t reveal any more of herself than she has to. Still, it’s a feeble attempt to mess with people’s minds since all they have to do is some very easy fact-checking to know of course Regina knew Belle was alive and of course she knows Jefferson. She doesn’t really have selective amnesia about certain people she’s already met in Storybrooke. Besides, there are a lot of hot guys in that town, but a single gal is not going to forget meeting fine fellow like The Mad Hatter.

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Source: TVLine

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