WTF Moments From X Factor Bootcamp Episode 2: Chest Hair, Spears and Tears
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The X Factor

WTF Moments From X Factor Bootcamp Episode 2: Chest Hair, Spears and Tears

Another day, another roundup of slightly traumatizing WTF moments from The X Factor. Let's just say we ended the episode shuddering in a spotlight while hugging our Britney Spears doll collection. Enjoy, lovers and fighters!

1. CRISIS: Simon Is Still Wearing His Peasant Blouse
Look, Simon. Everyone else changed their outfit. So, why, why are you still wearing that deep-V see-through cotton blouse. Please explain yourself before we send you a care package full of turtlenecks.

2. L.A. Breaks Into Song
Remember when Willie Jones forgot the lyrics to his song and started sobbing? Maybe it had something to do with the fact that L.A. Reid interrupted his performance to sing-along. This is not friday-night Karaoke, L.A. No one wants you to harmonize with them during one of your cat naps. Control your inner songstress.

3. Demi Is Out For Blood, Might Be Trying to Impale Simon
You may have noticed that Demi Lovato was wearing an adorable 90s denim jacket with giant swords attached to the shoulders. Sure, they were technically "studs," but we all know what's happening here. Demi is trying to protect herself from Simon's chest hair, and will stop at nothing to impale him if he tries to touch her.

4. Britney Sees Small Child Weep, Lone Tear Crawls Onto Her Face
Everyone give a warm welcome to Britney's lone tear, a sad creature who only emerges in crisis. Britney's tear came out to say "hi, ya'll" to the copious tear buddies it had on the stage, and poor Brit-Brit just couldn't handle it. Someone hand her a box of tissues and some sweet tea, and for the love of god no one mention Justin Timberlake's name. Hasn't she been through enough?

5. Emblem3 Dude Hangs Out in Suspenders While Shirtless
You guys, quiet! We are writing a thesis and can't be disturbed. So far it reads: "Random Emblem3 members wears suspenders fashioned from two pieces of string. Is this the apocalypse, because we can't feel our bodies."

6. CeCe Appears to Have Temporary Leg Tattoo, No Me Gusta
Remember CeCe's leopard face tattoo that she claims is "temporary?" It appears the disease has spread to her leg. Yep, Cece wandered on stage with a mysterious thigh tat the likes of which we haven't seen since Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans did this to herself (ahhhhhhhh, our eyes!).

BONUS: Sister C Remains Creepy
Sister C is basically the little girl from The Ring, only she's blonde, she's cloned, and she's currently killing us softly with her song.

10.5.2012 / 10:55 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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