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America's Next Top Model

ANTM Cycle 19, Episode 7 Recap: Victoria May Be Sick, But So Are These Gross Photos

Sheesh. Why would Victoria Henley want to eat when the girl who had to lick the floor next to stale pizza AND A COCKROACH went home on America's Next Top Model Cycle 19, Episode 7: “The Girl Who Licks the Floor”? That could put you off food forever.

The eliminated girl — Allyssa Vuelma — was “awesome size,” as opposed to “curvy” or “fiercely real.” Tyra Banks got emotional when saying goodbye to Allyssa, telling her girls with butts, like them, need to try harder. But poor Allyssa had to suffer the worst indignity and then got dumped for it. Seriously, there was a roach on that floor!

Victoria may be sick, but she still wasn’t as sick as this week’s photo shoot. There's ugly-pretty and there's just plain ugly. The “stank girl” shoot aimed for gross-glam, but it was like sending models into those Febreze ads where people think they're surrounded by flowers but they're really in a decrepit drug den with rotting fish. Most of the models weren’t shown to their best and the ones who emerged unscathed still had to pretend to be seducing the camera while they used the toilet. Tyra and company loved Victoria’s toilet photo. The other models pointed out Victoria’s potential illness, so now Mama Tyra said she’ll be watching her. Besides, someone needs to help Queen Vic through her whole pregnancy scare. She doesn’t even know who the father might be! (Tyra, please keep Victoria around as long as possible just for her ridiculous character backstories. Just fly Mrs. Henley in to cook for her!)

Laura James sometimes feels like she lives in the shadow of her famous Dynasty actor dad and model mom. She wants to prove she doesn’t need their help. So she’s decided she doesn’t need anyone — no one gets a trip with her to The Tyra Suite. Last time she invited Kristin Kagay. This time, she’s pulling a Victoria and ridin’ solo.

Kiara Belen wants to show she’s “a tough love kind of mom,” not a “ruthless bitch.” She cooks for everyone … except Victoria. She’s worried about Victoria. Kristin said Victoria exercises a lot and she’s lost weight but she’s not eating. Victoria said she doesn’t eat red meat and she misses her mom so much she can’t even taste food. Kristin doesn’t think Vic is stable enough for this. Since Kristin has already admitted to wanting to make models cry so they’ll hit her and be kicked out, her words carry little weight. Still, Victoria needs to eat.

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One of the prizes for ANTM is a fashion feature in Nylon magazine, so their challenge is to go on a road trip to Palm Springs, making three pit stops along the way to do some “random acts of modeling.” The winner, from one of the two teams, will get to host her own segment on Nylon TV. Allyssa, Brittany Brown, Kristin and Laura were Team 1. Victoria, Nastasia Scott and Kiara were Team 2. (Rooting for Team 2 already!) Victoria said Kiara wasn’t her favorite person. She’s too pushy for Vic; she wants her OWN mom, not this wannabe mother figure. Kiara said she does like Victoria as a person; she sees someone fragile and wants to help her. However, at some point Kiara’s road video either didn’t get recorded or got deleted and Kiara blamed Victoria. Like she needs more stress! Nastasia also called Victoria “fragile” and said her eating habits were worrying. By the end of the road trip they smelled like “little boy sweat” (according to Brittany), which turned out to be perfect for their photo shoot.

Kristin was told she had a very Nylon look. Brittany’s look was too vacation photos. Allyssa had great energy but was too posed. They loved Laura. Nastasia has that innate Nylon look but she didn’t deliver what Tyra wanted. Victoria’s tractor photo was good but her other shots were not. The editor guy said Kiara was the only one who understood random acts of modeling. Team 1 won and it ticked Kiara off. The ultimate winner turned out to be — who else? — Laura. Now she’ll be on Nylon TV. She knows the other girls are hating on her right now. Victoria got a 6 for her challenge score and it hurt her a lot. Brittany got a 6 too, but apparently she’s not so delicate.

Laura didn’t bring her best this week. Johnny Wujek had to simulate vomiting in the toilet, which shoudl’ve been everyone’s first clue that the shoot was too weird. Kristin had to have milk up her nose and all over her. She was pissed (sour!) but Johnny said she was a great sport about it. Kiara, on the other hand, empathized with rummaging in the garbage. It didn’t really translate with her photo, which was about losing her cell phone or something in the Dumpster, and then she passed out in there. What was the point of this shoot? Seriously. Nastasia looked close to dirty-sexy in her shower, anyway. Allyssa knew to stand out and not be mediocre, she had to take a risk. So she spewed soda all over the ground and the tip of her tongue did touch the dirty floor. Next to the pizza. And a COCKROACH. Ick. After all that, Johnny said she’s beautiful but not high fashion and she seemed a little “spaced.” Dude, you get down there and deal with the roaches.

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God bless this woman and her character backstories. “I lost my virginity and I’ve really got to take a pregnancy test ‘cause I’m, like, freaking out right now. I don’t even know who it was. I don’t know what happened. … I’m like Baptist, this is really bad!” Ha! How can she get more awesome? Johnny said it’s sometimes too much. Never! Acting 10,000 miles over the top at all times is never too much.

She doesn’t want to drop dead over this competition, so she called her mom. “I MISS YOU SO MUCH THIS IS SO HARD ON ME I’VE JUST GOTTA SEE YOU!” Her mom, wise woman that she is, asks why Victoria doesn’t just leave. “Food has no taste without you,” she tells her mom. It’s sweet in a way and funny in a way, but mostly it’s just sad. Poor sweetie. We’d think it was one big acting challenge but she does seem to be wasting away. Nastasia, Brittany and some of the others confronted her about her excessive exercise and lack of eating. She’s making herself sick.

Ranked in order of judges’ scores, challenge scores and social media scores.

1. Nastasia — Yay! Best photo! Rob didn’t think she looked small, for once. Kelly loved the shot, calling it stinky stonka, or something. Tyra called the shot “banging.” She looked tall and lean and Bryanboy said people were noticing that.

2. Brittany — Rob said she’s definitely modeling H-to-T (head to toe) and it’s very Nylon. Kelly said her eyes are gorgeous. She loves her in this. Tyra still sees the sweet girl, but in a character. One fan said Brittany’s photo was the best.

3. Kristin — Kelly loved the shot and loved how she was communicating her edge. Tyra loved how she was showing her clothes. She wants to buy the stockings.

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4. Victoria — Kelly said she was intergalactically out of it, in a good way. Tyra said the photo was amazing. Bryanboy wants her to be confident in herself. He wants to see her with a happy face. Look at Bryanboy stepping up! Oh wow, behind Victoria the girls shook their heads and spoke up, saying they were concerned about Victoria’s lack of eating. Vic was upset, saying there’s nothing wrong with her. (All the sobbing and calls to Mom beg to differ, dear!) Tyra said she has to listen to the other girls because health is a huge priority. Tyra said she’ll be watching Victoria, if she survives this week.

5. Kiara — Kelly said the shot gets her attention, but she looks too fresh to be in the garbage. Tyra said it shows how long her body is but it looked a little crime scene. Some online fan just called her trashy. Well, yeah, but that was the point. Bryanboy crumpled up a paper and threw it on the ground, saying, “With your face, that’s where you are.” Ouch. Kiara took the social criticism well.

Like Laura is really going anywhere, after winning the earlier challenge. She sobbed at panel, though.

Laura — Tyra made her put her hair up to be more modely. Rob said it’s weak for her. She’s not selling it. Tyra said she’s one of the strongest girls there and she has an advantage because her mom was a model. There’s no excuse for a photo that isn’t super strong and Tyra didn’t see a model. Someone at home thought she flushed her modeling skills.

Allyssa — Rob said the fact that she’s licking the floor shows she’s committed, but she’s too aware of the camera. Kelly said everything in the shot is perfect except the modeling. “It looks kind of like Jackie Kennedy swimming with a creature of the black lagoon.” (!) Bryanboy said people are having doubts about whether she can be a model or not. Tyra said she should’ve done a smize thing. Poor Allyssa.


Did the right person go home? Do you think Victoria is too fragile for the competition? Do you think she’s playing things up a bit, since she’s obviously a very dramatic person, or is she really losing it?

Catch the next episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 19: College Edition on Friday, October 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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