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Castle Season 5, Episode 3: “Secret’s Safe With Me” Wish List: 4 Things We Hope Will Happen

What happens when Castle meets Storage Wars? You get next week’s episode, “Secret’s Safe With Me.” Castle and Beckett buy the contents of a storage unit to track down a cold-blooded killer. Secrets always have a way of getting out, and whatever our victim wanted hidden, will inevitably come out sooner, rather than later. Hear that, Caskett?

We’re so excited for this week’s spoilers and sneak peek videos, we can hardly stand it.

Check out this week’s wish list of Season 5, Episode 3: “Secret’s Safe With Me” and add your own predictions below.

4. Alexis Approves!

By now, you’ve all watched the sneak peeks of next week’s episode, and saw that Mama Martha knows all about Castle and Beckett’s romance. Nothing gets past the woman!

Now, the only person on Castle’s side left to tell is the most important, Alexis, who is packing up and heading off to college. Naturally, it’s a great time to have the “Beckett talk” with her. Like Martha said, “I don’t think you want Alexis to walk in, unannounced, to find you and Beckett ‘out of the closet.’”

If everything goes according to plan, Alexis will be just as thrilled as we are. We’re not saying Alexis should start throwing around the term “Mama B,” but Beckett/Alexis talks about boys, shopping trips, and insider Castle info wouldn’t hurt. Let’s hope that smile in the promo pics is a sign of a thumbs up.

Credit: Richard Cartwright Richard Cartwright/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

3. The Precinct Strikes It Big in the Storage Unit!

This week’s murdery mystery has the 12th knee-deep in junk from a storage unit that is up for auction. One of the treasures caught the eye of Captain Gates, who definitely geeked out over a doll that she had been searching for for ages. So, what else is in the storage unit?

While most of it could, indeed, be called junk, we’re really hoping there is something worth immense value, like another $500K in gold coins. It’s happened before. Makes you want to fork up some money just to rummage through a unit yourself. Almost.

2. Gates Turns Into the Ultimate Castle Fangirl!

Whether you were shocked, stunned, or rolling on the floor laughing (really, you weren’t?) at Gates going giddy over Frozen Heat, we know that she might not have too much spare time on her hands. She said she loved the book so much that she ordered the entire Nikki Heat series.

This might mean she won’t be around right at the moment Castle inevitably screws something up. So she’ll grow to love him just as much as we do. Any bets on how long it will take her to own Derek Storm, if she doesn’t already?

1. Everyone Already Knows About the Caskett Relationship!

Beckett’s right — she only works with a room full of detectives. My, how tables can turn! The biggest twist of all would be that everyone already knows and are just waiting for Castle and Beckett to say something.

Fans were calling it left and right that Martha had to have known when she walked in the room, while Beckett was hiding in the closet. This only beckons the question: Do the rest of them know? Lanie has to, and Ryan and Esposito are detectives by trade. We’ll just pretend Espo’s enthusiasm for Castle’s date with the reporter was a momentary lapse in judgement.

Tune in to Castle on Monday, October 8, 2012 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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