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Glee Season 4 Music Spoilers: Cory Monteith and Blake Jenner to Sing Which ‘80s Song Together?

How similar will Glee newbie Ryder (Blake Jenner) be to Finn (Cory Monteith)? Well, we’ll all get a pretty good idea when the two perform a song together during Ryder’s debut episode, Season 4, Episode 5: “The Role You Were Born to Play.” Get ready to put your lighters in the air.

Cory Monteith tells TV Line that he and McKinley student Ryder Lynn will team up to perform the ‘80s hair-metal classic, “Juke Box Hero” by Foreigner. “Ryder inadvertently auditions [for New Directions], and it turns into a fantasy in his head, which explodes into dancing girls, throngs of screaming women in the crowd, and he turns into the ‘Juke Box Hero,’” Cory explains.

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Cory says that if you’re used to seeing Finn pound out the beats, you may be in for a surprise. “[Ryder]’s on drums, and I’m on lead vocals,” Cory says. But have no fear: “It’s epic.” We would expect nothing less. (And by the way, between this song and last season’s “Waiting for a Girl Like You,” it’s safe to say that Ryan Murphy likes Foreigner way more than we realized.)

Cory says that he loved being part of the new character’s introduction to the show. “It was cool, because I felt like I was passing the torch in a sort of awesome way,” Cory says. He also misses being back at McKinley on a full-time basis, saying, “There’s still a part of me that’s nostalgic, for sure.” Don’t worry, Cory — we miss you, too!

If you ask us, this sounds like all kinds of awesome. Ryder has been described a bit like Finn 2.0 so far, so it’ll be a blast to see the two dudes performing on the same stage together. And this will give us a chance to see whether the two really are cut from the same cloth.

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In other Finn news, the character will be back for next week’s Episode 4: “The Break-Up,” but it won’t exactly be the happiest of times for Finn. We’ll see him at boot camp, where Finn gets some harsh treatment from the officers. “I’ve never been called names like that before,” Cory says while smiling. “‘Wormstool’ is the one that sticks out in my memory.” Yikes.

Thankfully, Finn’s time at boot camp won’t last too long, and we’ll soon see him jetting off to NYC to track down Rachel. So if Finn and Rachel eventually get married, does that mean we’ll have to refer to Rachel (Lea Michele) as “Mrs. Wormstool”? Let’s hope not.

Source: TV Line

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