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Glee’s Brittany and Santana Could Be Together Again: Here’s How!

Okay. Guys. We need to talk about something. It’s been like five minutes since Brittana split up on Glee Season 4, Episode 4, and we’re already starting to get a mental rash about it. If we’re feeling all these feelings, then hopefully the Glee writers are, too. So to help the writers get Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera) back together, we’ve come up with a few scenarios for their reunion.

1) Brittany and Santana both move to New York. With her term as President over — and Finn now in charge of the glee Club — Brittany takes control of the choreography for New Directions. At Sectionals, a Julliard scout is so blown away by her incredible dancing and artistic arrangements, he asks Brittany to apply early for the New York dance school. Brittany choreographs a dance to The Killers’s song “Human” about dancing in which a group of people play the role of “human” and Brittany dances around them while playing “dancer.” The school sees genius in Brittany’s incredibly literal translation of the song and accepts her.

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Meanwhile, Santana realizes that she would rather be a cheerleader for The New York Knicks, and also moves to the city. (Hey, we’ve already heard Santana will probably be moving to The Big Apple soon.) Once there, the two start a dance company and help Rachel in her continued battle against Cassandra July (Kate Hudson).

2) Santana moves back to Ohio. This one isn’t exactly ideal, but we’re thinking outside the box here. Here’s how this would happen: Santana’s grandmother gets sick and is on her deathbed (don’t worry! We’re not going to kill her!). While abuela contemplates her life and mistakes, Santana’s mom, Maribel (Gloria Estefan, who is rumored to return) calls her daughter and asks her to come home.

When Santana arrives, she and her abuela have a heartfelt talk and both accept the mistakes the other has made. The two then vow to do whatever it takes to make the rest of the time they have special, which makes Santana decide to move home. With distance no longer an issue — and Santana feeling even freer to express her true love — she and Brittany reunite.

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3) Brittany moves to Louisville. Fraught with anger and disbelief over the demise of her relationship (we can tell because of the crayon frowny faces which now decorate her tests), Brittany flies (on a winged unicorn) to Louisville to confront Santana. (And no, we don’t think she knows what the word “fraught” means.) When she arrives, she finds Santana is as broken up (sorry, we know those words are still raw) over their relationship as she is. Seeing that they cannot stand to be apart, Brittany transfers to the high school down the street from Santana’s college and the two move into a quaint one-bedroom cottage together (free of Virginia Woolf novels).

We realize some of these scenarios have a few roadblocks standing in the way, but what do you think? Could any of them happen? Got a better idea? We’re all ears.

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10.6.2012 / 03:30 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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