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Sneak Peeks and Spoiler Roundup For Castle Season 5, Episode 3: “Secret’s Safe With Me”

The best way to describe next Monday's episode, "Secret's Safe With Me," is ABC's Castle meets A&E's Storage Wars. If you've never seen the show, here's the gist: Cameras follow four professional buyers and their teams as they scour repossessed storage units in search of hidden treasure.

Sounds fun, right? Well, not when there's a mysterious murder involved!

According to the official show synopsis via ABC, a young woman is found murdered and her death is somehow connected to a repossessed unit that's going up for auction. Here's what we know about the vic so far: Her name is Wendy Dupree, she's 25 years old, and she was shot with a 9 mm. But she didn't die immediately — she was alive just long enough to write the word "lie" in blood — which means our killer isn't a pro.

She also had a suspicious text message on her phone: "You think you can lie to me? Run all you want. I'm gonna find you and make you pay." Pay for what, exactly? The item that's inside the storage unit?

Castle and Beckett are on the hunt for the treasure buried inside, but they're hindered by their inability to obtain a warrant. If they can't get access to the unit, how are they going to connect the dots?

That's where Castle comes in. Erm, perhaps we should say, Castle's wallet. The best-selling mystery writer just happens to have 2Gs in his pocket (because that's normal), which he's willing to throw down in the name of justice. (And bragging rights, we'd imagine.) Unfortunately, it looks like there's someone willing to outbid him. Talk about a blow to the ego … and the case!

Castle somehow wins the bidding (not like we're surprised — he is Rick Castle, after all), and brings all the creepy items evidence to the precinct. Also not surprisingly, Captain Gates isn't thrilled with the little yard sale going in the conference room — until she lays her eyes on a rare collectors item. Who knew Gates played with dolls?!

Meanwhile, back at chez Castle, Rick and Martha are going through Alexis's buried treasures as they pack her up for college. But the ginger-haired coed isn't the one harboring any secrets — it's her wayward father, naturally.

But as they say, secrets are no fun, unless they're shared with … your mom? That's right, guys. Martha Rodgers knows all about Castle's torrid love affair with Katherine Beckett, and there's no talking his way out of this one. The only problem? Whether or not to tell Alexis.

Back at the precinct, Captain Gates is coming clean about a little secret of her own (aside from her penchant for dolls) — her love affair with Jameson Rook! Can you believe she's a closet Nikki Heat fangirl? Us either!

Now that he's in Captain Gates's good graces, Rick thinks he pretty much runs the place. Take a wild guess at what happens when he answers Beckett's phone. We'll give you a hint: It's not good.

But on the upside, Lanie's on the other end and she's got a partial print! Beckett will just have to deal with Castle later. And by deal with, we really mean have crazy makeup sex with.

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