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Teen Mom

Is Jenelle Evans Getting Back Together With Gary Head?!

Ladies, the time has come to clutch your pearls — Gary Head wants to get back together with Jenelle Evans!

In case you've forgotten (or blocked it out completely), Gary and Jenelle had a vicious breakup after he assaulted her, and let's just say their relationship has been in a downward spiral ever since. Yet, despite a slew of court dates, bitter Twitter rants, and arrests, it looks like Gary Bear wants to get in on Jenelley's action.

"@PBandJenelley_1 one day I'll change my ways," Gary tweeted. "But we both have things to work on. Then we can work on a future."

Apparently Jenelle was so inspired by Gary's tender-hearted tweet that she started following him on Twitter, but was quick to clarify, "NO, I'm not getting back with Gary everyone. yr all wrong, I'm in a relationship with Courtland and very happy."

Jenelle and Courtland are definitely some kind of wonderful, but they've only been dating for what — a week? We're slightly worried that Jenelley won't be able to resist Gary's siren call …

Do you think this gal should throw caution to the wind and hook up with her ex-fiance? Keep in mind, Gary pled guilty to assaulting Jenelle — maybe she should think twice before giving him a second chance!

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