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Kieffer Delp Arrested in New Jersey! What Did Jenelle’s Ex Do This Time?

Did a sinister feeling of doom and despair come over you this weekend as you were organizing your Uggs and eating Alfredo? It's because somewhere in the great state of New Jersey, a wayward Delp was in trouble. Please grab onto your nearest green hoodie, because things are about to get real.

Turns out Kieffer was arrested for the billionth time after a weekend of crazy hijinks, and his ex-girlfriend, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans has the deets.

According to Jenelle, "There were old warrants he had in New Jersey and the police came by his mothers house to pick him up. His mom bailed him out for $1,400!! He is now released and back at his moms house making and selling harmful tobacco pipes."

Of course, let's not forget that Keef-Keef and Jenelle haven't been in touch since their breakup, so he has his own version of the story (aka The Truth).

"I got arrested at a bar and got an open container charge you forgot that lol since you know it all dumbass lolol #joke," Kieffer tweeted to Jenelle on October 6.

Oh, Kieffer. This frolicking pied piper sure has a way with words.

Jenelley claims that Kieffer's latest arrest "just adds to the charges on his record as a felon and adds to the warrants that he has in North Carolina which is a count of three." She goes on to explain that Kieffer "missed his court date pressing charges on my mom and stepdad and missed another court date for a driving while license suspended charge."

So, how has The Delp responded? By hitting up the "Holloween Store" and buying himself a jailbird outfit. Sigh, at least he has a sense of humor about this hot mess.

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