Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: Cora’s Back and So Is Regina’s Magic
Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC    
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: Cora’s Back and So Is Regina’s Magic

Bon voyage, Cora! In this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time (Season 2, Episode 2: “We Are Both”), Cora learns that putting valuables under your pillow is not the best idea; David uses a flying hat to get where he’s going (like we all do); and Sneezy forgets his past, meaning he’s a bit like Jason Bourne (except with terrible allergies and without the ability to kick ass).

Wherein Regina Reads a Book That You Won’t Find at Barnes & Noble

Seeing something covered in spray paint is rarely a good sign, as is the case this week, since anyone who crosses the spray-painted border of Storybrooke will now lose all their memories of their Fairytale Land self. Such is the fate that befalls poor Sneezy (or should we said, Forget-y).

So will Sneezy regain his memory of his life as someone who spends all day in a mine? Uh, would you want to remember your life as a miner? (It’s called a blessing in disguise, Sneezy — accept it!) But we do think it would be pretty badass if, in the next episode, Sneezy decides to cover himself in tattoos that remind him of who he is, like the guy in the film Memento.

It has dawned on David that Regina’s effort to kill him with magic wallpaper (what, no one has ever tried to kill you with magic wallpaper before?) is an anomaly, meaning that Regina doesn’t quite have her magic back yet. See, people the fact that wallpaper can be used as a weapon is just one more reason why wallpaper should have stayed in the ‘80s where it belongs.

Regina asks Gold for the book of spells that her mother had used, and Regina then blows on a picture of a tree and poof — her magic is back, red apples and all. (We would typically say that no one looks good with purple eyes, but Regina somehow manages to pull it off.)

Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: Cora’s Back and So Is Regina’s Magic
Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC    

Wherein Regina’s Tree Wishes It Could Tell Her, “I Don’t Wanna Scoop Up Your Kid Do Your Own Dirty Work”

David learns a valuable lesson in this episode: You should probably attend a town meeting when you’re the one who, y’know, organized it. So with David absent, Regina pops into town hall, turns an arrow into a fireball, and hauls ass out of there with Henry in tow. (And given Regina’s apparent love of fireballs, we’re just glad we’re not on Storybrooke’s fire department.)

Regina later keeps Henry captive in her home with the help of an especially grabby tree, despite Henry trying to escape via that makeshift ladder. (And then Regina looks at his ladder and is like, “So this is why you asked me to buy you all those bedsheets!”) A note to Regina: If you offered us a giant cupcake like the one you offered Henry, we would do whatever you wanted us to do no questions asked.

And where exactly was David? Well, he was busy following a floating hat, thanks to Gold’s potion. (Somehow we’re guessing that “I was following a floating hat” won’t work as an excuse for tardiness in most real-world situations.) Speaking of Gold, he certainly took out his frustration on those glass cases when he learned he can’t leave Storybrooke. Was he hoping to leave Storybrooke to look for his son, considering we see him grabbing those maps of MA and NY?

David finds Jefferson in an upside-down car, so David immediately offers to take Jefferson to a hospital. No, wait that’s what David clearly should have done. Instead, David doesn’t even offer the guy a band-aid but just starts interrogating him, learning that Emma and Mary Margaret are in fact in the Enchanted Forest but that Jefferson can’t get there. Then, Jefferson flips a table and runs away. (On a side note, flipping a table actually looks like a lot of fun.)

We’re guessing Charming never gave a speech from the bed of a pick-up truck while he was in Fairytale Land, but it nonetheless works to get people to unite and reopen their shops. In fact, we love seeing David become more like his Charming self, like when he brings that sword to the mayor’s house before she agrees to let him have Henry. The moral of the story? People with swords get what they want, more often than not.

But just why is Regina hanging onto that book of spells? And why were she and Rumple hoping to keep it a secret that the Enchanted Forest survived? Those two have a few too many secrets, if you ask us.

Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: Cora’s Back and So Is Regina’s Magic
Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC    

Wherein Regina Says to Her Mom, “Have a Great Trip! If You Don’t Die, Be Sure to Send Me a Postcard!”

In the Fairytale Land flashbacks, we learn that Regina’s mother, Cora, got her magic from one of Gold’s books, and she sleeps with this book under her pillow, because we all know how comfortable books are. Regina then swipes the book and uses it to summon Rumplestiltskin, who apparently has known Regina since she was a baby (which is more than a little creepy).

Rumple gives Regina a looking glass that can be used as a portal to send her mom far away which, if you think about it, is kinda similar to the premise of the movie Home Alone. So when Cora keeps forcing Regina to marry the king and seek power, Regina follows Rumple’s encouragement and shoves her mom into the looking glass. (Sadly, Regina didn’t hit anyone in the head with swinging paint cans like in Home Alone.)

Then, Regina tries to flee (and it’s probably a good idea to flee the scene when you’ve just pushed your mother into a parallel universe against her will), but Rumple pops up to remind her of how much she enjoyed using magic. He doesn’t bring up the favor that she now owes him, but we’re guessing he won’t exactly be forgetting about it anytime soon.

Wherein The Pit Is A Great Place To Mingle And Make Friends

And in the present-day Fairytale Land, Mulan and Aurora prove not to be the most cordial hostesses in the world. That is, we don’t usually consider tying a rope around someone’s wrists and dragging them to a refugee camp to be “cordial” but maybe you do. Mary Margaret tries to hightail it out of there, but Mulan asks her politely to reconsider. No, wait Mulan actually knocks her out cold and tosses her in the pit. Like we said, not so cordial.

Once Emma and Mary Margaret get to the pit, they meet a very surprising fellow guest: none other than Cora! Given Mary Margaret and Cora’s history, we can’t wait to see the look on Mary Margaret’s face when she wakes up. (In other words, it won’t be a happy look.)

Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: Cora’s Back and So Is Regina’s Magic
Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC    

Top Three Biggest Mysteries of the Night:

- Where exactly did Cora go when she was not-so-gently “nudged” into the looking glass? It has always seemed like a possibility that Cora is the Queen of Hearts, and now more than ever, since she entered a “looking glass,” which is a popular way to get to Wonderland. (Apparently, not a lot of people take the bus to Wonderland.)

But how did Cora end up in the ravaged part of Fairytale Land, and how long has she been there? And does Cora still have magic, or is this land perhaps a magic-free zone? We didn’t see Cora approach the ladies in a cloud of colorful smoke of anything, so we have to wonder if Cora was already in the pit, along with why she ended up in there.

- Rumple’s comments about his history with Regina posed more than a few questions. Why did Rumple know Regina as a baby? We know that Cora is the miller's daughter, but is Regina in fact the daughter who was promised to Rumple, and if so, how did Cora avoid giving Regina away? Maybe Cora isn't really Regina’s mother, and perhaps Rumple did something tricky to get Regina to Cora, as he is prone to do? The baby-trading industry may not be a booming one, but Rumple certainly thrives at it.

- Where did Pinocchio go? We see that Henry tells Marco where to find Pinocchio, but when Marco gets to his room, all that’s left is the dude’s hat. (Storybrooke certainly had no lack of weird hats in this episode.)

So has Pinocchio returned to his human form, considering that we saw him able to blink? Or is he back to being animated but still made of wood? And if he is made of wood, let’s hope he stays far away from Regina’s infamous fireballs.

Catch the next new episode of Once Upon a Time on Sunday, October 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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