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True Blood

Why Is True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard So Excited?

Alexander Skarsgard is so excited that he just can’t hide it.

After five years of doing the same thing, many actors get bored. But for A. Skars, playing True Blood’s Eric Northman has only gotten more exciting.

“On this show, I didn’t know how Season 5 would end until a few days before we started shooting because we didn’t have the scripts yet, so that’s weird and scary, but creatively that’s good, to be a little intimidated,” he admitted to SFX. “ Last year I got to work on a completely different side of the character with the amnesia, and this year I have the bromance, so five years in, I’m still excited.”

And aside from his crumbling bromance with Bill, Eric has been in a good place — mostly because he doesn’t care about much of anything. Even though he has been pegged as a villain throughout True Blood’s five-season run, his dynamic personality is what intrigues Alexander.

“Eric? I love him. He’s been around for a thousand years so he doesn’t really give a f—k. He’s seen it all, done it all,” Alexander spilled. “Initially what attracted me to him was that they introduced him as a villain, and I loved that because I knew that there was more to him than evil. I think we’ve all got both forces within us, and I loved that you had to back up and go, ‘Wait a minute! I wanted him to be a villain but now I sympathize with what he’s doing.’”

Last season, we saw Eric’s guard come back up after sadly being dismissed by Sookie Stackhouse, but that didn’t send him on a killing rampage. In fact, he was the least bloody vampire in Season 5, channeling his humanity and trying to stop Billith’s reign.

But when it comes to his inspiration, Alex based our favorite viking on some blood-thirsty classic vamps — with a twist!

“For inspiration I went back and watched Max Schreck and Bella Legosi and Nosferatu and all those classic old vampire movies. It was also about finding the humanity within the character,” he continued. “Inspiration can come from anything: your younger brother does something or you watch animals on television and that inspires you, where you’re like, ‘That’s pretty cool, I’m going to steal that.’”

Do you like the direction that Eric is going in on True Blood? Weigh in below!

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