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Once Upon a Time

10 Burning Questions From Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 2: “We Are Both”

We love all of Once Upon a Time’s many, many mysteries, but sometimes it seems like each episode introduces more questions than it answers. To that end, we’ve tackled the ten biggest questions from this week’s season premiere in order to make sense of everything that happened. Here are ten questions from Season 2, Episode 2: “We Are Both.”

1. Was Gold off to look for Baelfire when he picked up those maps of MA and NY? And is that why he gets so pissy that he can’t leave Storybrooke?
Apparently, Gold isn’t the only person who is upset that the new iPhone system doesn’t use Google maps anymore. Why else would the guy resort to paper maps, right?

It seems more than safe to assume that Gold is on a mission to find Baelfire, and the fact that he has maps of multiple states suggests that Gold doesn’t yet know exactly where Bae is. This means that Gold apparently doesn’t have anything in his possession that used to belong to Bae since if he did, he could just use that potion that David put on Jefferson’s hat to find him.

This also means that Gold presumably wasn’t the person who sent that postcard to Bae at the beginning of last week’s episode, “Broken.” So who else would have sent the postcard? Perhaps Jefferson (who was rather mysterious this week)? And by the way, why the heck does Storybrooke even sell postcards, considering no one is really allowed to visit there? Whoever owns the postcard shop in Storybrooke may need to rethink that business plan.

2. Is Cora the Queen of Hearts?
Yes, of course she is. Please don’t waste a question by asking something so silly we only have room for ten questions, so they all need to count!

But seriously, the evidence is really starting to mount up, especially seeing as how she was shoved into a freakin’ looking glass, for goodness sake. The only thing that would make it more obvious that Cora’s the Queen of Hearts is if we had seen Cora chasing after a white rabbit in the Fairytale Land flashback and then commenting about how non-red roses really get her goat.

Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC    

3. Was Regina in fact the baby that the miller’s daughter had promised to Rumple and why did he happen to choose the word “portable”?
Rumple has clearly been aware of Regina’s capacity for power of the evil variety since she was a young tyke. And that word “portable” makes us think that either he snatched Regina from someone else meaning that Cora is not her biological mother or that he tried to take Regina but wasn’t able to. Or maybe Regina is another daughter of Cora’s? So many questions!

All we’re saying is that Rumple appears to collect babies the same way that some people collect seashells on the beach, so Regina may have been a pawn in this. And Rumple is probably the only person we know who actually enjoys the not-exactly-classy world of baby trafficking. (“The baby-trafficking industry is a field that you should really consider getting into” said no one’s career counselor ever.)

4. Why was Cora in Mulan’s pit and can she use magic?
If it were up to us, we would not spend a lot of free time in the pit that Emma and Mary Margaret get tossed into. So why does Cora apparently spend her time chillaxing in there?

Then again, if that “pit” were in a Manhattan building, you could call it a “basement apartment fixer-upper” and charge $3,000 a month for rent for it. Like, was the Mystery Man’s apartment from last week all that much nicer than “the pit”? (We can imagine a real estate agent saying to a prospective tenant, “And you’ll love that the pit doesn’t get a lot of street noise.”)

So it’s hard to know if Cora is imprisoned there, or if she just stopped by in the same way that you would swing by and get a drink at a hotel bar where your friend is staying. One would think that Cora would be able to use magic to get out of the pit although we didn’t see any smoke surrounding Cora or anything, so maybe she no longer has magic?

And just what does she have in mind for Emma and Mary Margaret? Maybe Cora has a rich friend that she wants to set one of them up with (since matchmaking appears to be a hobby of Cora’s)?

Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC    

5. How will Mary Margaret get revived?
We would say that they should splash some cold water in Mary Margaret’s face, but given that no one at the Storybrooke town hall seemed to worry about trying to douse the fire that Regina started during this episode, we’re wondering if the characters in this show are particularly stringent with their water use. (Every bit counts if you’re going green, we suppose.)

We assume Mary Margaret will regain consciousness soon, and when she does, we can’t wait to see how she reacts to seeing Cora, considering they had an less-than-stellar encounter that led to Daniel’s demise in Season 1. (Try to keep any secrets to yourself from now on okay, Snow?) If only Mary Margaret had access to an aerosol can and lighter to use on Cora like she did on that wraith last week.

6. Where was Jefferson headed when his car flipped?
We see him with that stuffed bunny, so it’s safe to say that Jefferson has yet to connect with his daughter in Storybrooke but was trying to find her. We’re also wondering if Jefferson is the one who has been connecting with Baelfire. (But we’re hoping that the stuffed bunny wasn’t for Baelfire, or else Jefferson is not all that great at picking out gifts.)

7. Why were Regina and Gold trying to keep the existence of the Enchanted Forest a secret?
Regina seemed pretty convinced last week that the Enchanted Forest was lost and gone forever, but it now appears that this was one of her bajillion lies. (It’s a wonder that Regina hasn’t started turning into wood herself.)

So it appears that she and Gold still have an important use for Fairytale Land and want to keep everyone else away from there. Given this, we wouldn’t be surprised if we learn that the two of them really do know of another portal to get back there. Long story short, Regina and Gold are about as fond of telling the truth as the participants in a presidential debate are.

Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC    

8. Speaking of liars, where is Pinocchio headed? (Maybe he just ran to the Home Depot to stock up on wood polish?)
It was a relief that Pinocchio blinked his eyes, because the dude seemed to be having a not-so-great day otherwise. We can imagine August Booth’s friends seeing him and saying to him, “Something looks different. Did you lose weight? Or are you now completely made out of wood? It’s definitely one of those two things.”

So where was he headed? We’re thinking that he might be able to leave Storybrooke and not lose his memory, since he didn’t appear to be affected by the curse. So maybe he’s the one who is trying to contact Baelfire? Either that, or Pinocchio is about to use the fact that he’s made of wood to his advantage by teaming up with a ventriloquist to go on tour and blow people’s minds.

9. Will Sneezy ever get his memory back?
We don’t blame Sneezy for not wanting to be called “Sneezy” anymore, since all of the dwarves names are kinda offensive, if you think about it. And we assume that the dwarves will be able to get Sneezy’s identity back soon enough, presuming they’re able to find fairy dust from the mine.

In the meantime, we’re rooting for Sneezy need to find a girlfriend who will do for him what Adam Sandler did for Drew Barrymore’s character in 50 First Dates. (See Adam Sandler movies can actually be inspirational, meaning that Sandler’s movies might actually have a purpose beyond providing Rob Schneider with his only source of reliable income.)

10. Does Whale’s comment about nuns being allowed to date give us any clue as to who he is? Or is he just super pervy?
We have to point out that, when the novel Frankenstein was published in the 19th century, it was bound together with another novel from the same time period. The name of the other novel that it was included with? The Spanish Nun. Weird, right? Okay, so that’s a ridiculously tenuous link between Frankenstein and nuns, but a tenuous link is better than no link, right?

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