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True Blood

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer’s New Twin Babies Have a [SPOILER]!

Anna Paquin may be True Blood ’s leading lady, but in many ways, she’s just like us.

Although she has a long break ahead of her to spend with husband Stephen Moyer and their new twin babies, come January, she’ll have to get back to work — and hire a nanny!

“Like every other woman with a career, who wants to also have a family, I’ll be getting back to work,” she told Red magazine. “I have the luxury of being able to afford the help I need. I consider having a full-time, reliable job a major blessing. You will never catch me complaining about being employed.”

Anna won’t be complaining, but we also can’t expect her to be gracing the cover of People magazine with her kids, either.

While she was “incredibly excited” about being pregnant, she vowed to never discuss the twins again, just in case something went wrong. And even though they are safe and sound now, she is protective over them and her stepchildren (Stephen’s kids, Lilac and Billy), explaining, “Their privacy is sacred to us.”

It sounds like she is superstitious, but Anna admitted that she doesn’t believe in fate whatsoever — especially when it comes to tragedy.

“I have a problem with the idea of fate, in that it doesn’t explain when horrible things happen. ‘I don’t buy into ‘It was their time, it was supposed to be’, and I also don’t think I’ve done anything that makes me more deserving of the good things,” she said.

And for her, the idea of fate translates into her career, too. As happy as she is to be playing Sookie Stackhouse, she doesn’t take it for granted, knowing how fortunate she was to land the role.

“To a large extent, there’s a lot of dumb luck involved. I stumbled into some wonderful opportunities I could never have planned. But I think what you do with opportunity is not luck,” she continued. “It’s up to the individual, and whether you’re willing to then put the work in. I got very lucky. But I’ve worked very hard.”

Do you think Anna should hire a nanny and get back to work? Tell us below!

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