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Arrow Spoilers: What Happened to Oliver Queen on the Mysterious Island? – Exclusive

This just in: Arrow is about more than Stephen Amell’s delicious abs.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti at the new superhero series’ PaleyFest event on Saturday, September 8, and the showrunners touched on everything from Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) island transformation to his fraught love life.

As any superhero knows, carrying on a secret life isn’t easy, and Oliver has as much trouble hiding his two separate identities as the next masked avenger. Berlanti teased, “I think the tug and pull of that and the confusion of that and the difficulty and the challenge of that are very much his story line for the first year.”

An even larger part of the show, however, is the story of Oliver’s five years on an uncharted island called “Lee-On-You” (Mandarin for “Purgatory”) a vital plot point that will be revisited every week.

“[E]veryone is really intrigued by the island. And specifically what happened to Oliver on the island,” explained Guggenheim. “In fact if you see on the pilot he has all these scars and these various tattoos, and that was all designed when we produced the pilot. We had to figure out what tattoos were going to be on his body how did he get them? So we figured out all those things in advance and it’s fun to watch people look at him and go, wait a minute?”

The series will maintain a similar present day-to-flashback ratio over the course of the season, and these frequent looks back won’t be slow to answer viewers’ burning questions. “[W]e have to provide answers and we have to provide them fast!” teased Guggenheim. “So even in Episode 2 in the flashbacks, things will be happening that you will be like wait a minute is this Episode 2? I can’t believe they’re doing that so soon!”

On top of all that, love is most definitely in the air. “We have Laurel Lance, who is obviously [Oliver’s] true love, but that doesn’t mean that she’s his love right now,” spilled Berlanti. “They obviously have some issues to work out because he’s responsible, or feels responsible, for the death of her sister. They’re both very good-looking people so they can’t be alone for long.”

Arrow will premiere Wednesday, October 10 at 8/7c on The CW.

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