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Castle Recap of Season 5, Episode 3: “Secret’s Safe With Me”

Blood is being smeared all over the floor. A woman spells out something, using only her fingertips as the paint brush. She rolls over. Time's up. She’s dead. Hope she finished what she wanted to write. And so begins another episode of Castle.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, there are cardboard boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. Goodbye childhood home and hello, new beginnings. It’s time for Alexis Castle to head off to college. And she doesn’t want to leave anything behind. Absolutely nothing.

Martha and Castle are reminiscing Alexis, which prompts Martha to question if Castle is going to have the “talk “ with her. Not that talk. The “Caskett” talk. Yep, Mama Martha knew from the moment she walked into Castle’s room, with only a sheet covering his man parts, that Beckett was hiding in the closet. Wow, way to not spill the beans until now. Granted, she was in Europe, but still. Mothers know these things. Talk about awkward.

Cut to Castle and Beckett talking. More like Beckett trying not to flip out. Alexis is now a member in the inner circle, though we aren’t witness to the conversation. Beckett also finds out that Martha knew. Could this get any worse? Actually, yes it could. Alexis could tell Lanie. Lanie, for sure, would tell Esposito. Esposito would blab to Ryan. And apparently, Ryan is going to tell everyone else, including Gates. All roads lead to Alexis, and Beckett is panicked.

After Castle calms her off the ledge, it's time for the even bigger question: What does Alexis think? She didn’t even comment. Well, Castle, you did choose to tell her the day before she’s leaving for college. Let’s see. College with college boys and frat parties? Or finding out your dad is actually dating the woman everyone always suspected he was dating in the first place? Sorry, dad. College wins.

Back to the crime scene. Lanie gives the rundown: the 25-year-old victim, Wendy Dupree, was found dead that morning by housekeeping. She died slowly from a gunshot wound to the chest. But only had enough time to spell out the word “LIE” in her own blood. Lanie’s work here is done. Now it’s up to Beckett, Castle, Esposito, and Ryan to figure out who did it.

Searching her wallet, they find out the victim was from Philadelphia, and checked in with $4000 in cold, hard cash. Something doesn’t add up if she was staying in such a crummy hotel. Time to get to work.

Esposito checks Wendy’s phone. On it is a message that reads, “You think you can lie to me? Run all you want. I’m going to find you and make you pay.” Eerie.

Credit: Richard Cartwright Richard Cartwright/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Turns out her boss in Philly is the one who sent the message. Wendy was a waitress down at his cheesesteak joint. The day before, she was supposed to deposit money in the bank, but instead hit the road to NYC with her boss’s dough. No wonder he’s pissed. But mad enough to kill?

He’s stunned by the murder. Wendy told him that she was sorry, that it was an emergency, and he would get double what she got back. He barely got off the train from Philly, when police picked him up.

Beckett and Castle are still circling around for ideas about why Wendy was in New York. “You don’t write a dying message in blood for kicks,” exclaims Castle. He’s got a point.

While Beckett’s off getting more coffee for Castle and herself, Beckett’s phone rings, and Castle picks it up. Big no-no. It’s Lanie on the other line, and she tells him he is in trouble for doing so. But not before verifying that Wendy’s boss is in the clear for her murder. Enter a startled Beckett, who isn’t pleased that Castle has been rummaging through her things.

He does find a mysterious stick figure and plays a guessing game to try and figure out the meaning behind it. Beckett’s not budging. He has to guess if he’s going to find out. Let the mystery-writer challenge begin.

Cab receipts and a helpful driver lead our gang down to a self-storage warehouse. Could this be the reason Wendy was killed? She signed up to participate in that day’s auction for repossessed storage units. There are 14 units up for auction, and now Wendy’s message makes sense. “LIE” turns out to be “317,” which is up for sale as they speak.

Credit: Richard Cartwright Richard Cartwright/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

The owner of the unit is Johan Fleming. While Ryan runs a background, it’s up to Castle and Beckett to outbid for the storage unit. Castle happens to be carrying some cash on him, which seems like enough money, until a man shows up to go to “storage” war with Castle. But Castle calls his bluff and wins the unit.

Back at the precinct, Beckett, Castle, Ryan and Esposito are looking for clues in Johan’s stuff. Problem is Johan Fleming doesn’t exist. His name and address are bogus.

Captain Gates is furious with what she sees, until she spots Castle holding a collectible Gemini doll. To get in her good graces and proceed with the investigation, Castle tells her that she can keep it. She’s been searching a long time to find a doll like this, and is elated to have it.

In all of the stuff, Ryan discover a birth certificate for a Wendell Dupree. Johan Fleming is really Wendell, Wendy’s twin brother. That explains why Wendy wanted to bid on the unit. But there are so many other questions left unanswered. Maybe Wendell can help, except he died in a subway accident six weeks ago. Since the security cameras were off, there is no way, for certain, to prove it was an accident. Wendy was suspicious of this, thinking it could have been murder.

Johan, aka Wendell, was a chauffeur for a wealth socialite, Angelica Henley. Turns out a couple days before he died, she had been robbed of a $4 million pink diamond bracelet. He was cleared of the charges. Castle and Beckett think he stole the bracelet, and it’s somewhere in the storage unit junk. They also learn that the robbery was a two-person job, and think the man who tried to outbid Castle for the unit, could be their guy.

Nope, turns out Felix is just a hoarder who likes collecting and selling junk. But he was approached by someone who wanted to pay him $500 to bid on the unit for him. Felix declined, but couldn’t help trying to bid on the unit to see what was inside. Felix is able to have a sketch artist draw a picture of the man.

Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Back at Castle’s apartment, a passive aggressive Alexis wants to cancel her last-day-before-college dinner with dad. She said that if he wants to keep his reservation so badly, he should take Beckett. She is not happy at all about the situation. Castle thinks it’s because she feel like she is being replaced in Castle’s heart.

Down at the 12th, Marco Vinstrolli is brought in for questioning. He received a parking ticket near Angelica’s the night she was robbed, and he looks exactly like the man the sketch artist drew. He was also caught on tape stealing a safe out of unit 317. Marco didn’t know Wendell. Wendell just paid him a lot of money to turn off the alarm at Angelica’s, and then they went their separate ways. But once he found out that Wendell was dead and an expensive bracelet was missing, he wanted to find it, thus stealing the safe.

But the safe is empty. That doesn’t make sense. Where is the bracelet?

Maybe Angelica wasn’t exactly telling the truth after all. She was supposed to appear in court for bankruptcy, but mysteriously paid her creditors after she filed an insurance claim. When they go to confront her about the sudden discovery, they find the missing bracelet in Angelica’s safe. Apparently, she came home one day to find that someone had broken into her apartment, but they didn’t take anything. She saw an opportunity. She was in a lot of trouble, and decided to commit insurance fraud to bail herself out. This still doesn’t explain why Wendell and Wendy are dead.

Castle and Beckett are wrapping up for the day, and Castle desperately wants to kiss Beckett goodbye, but can’t since they are at work. Castle and Beckett shake hands for what has to be the hottest handshake on primetime television. Seriously, wow.

Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

The next morning, Castle and Martha drop Alexis off at college. Before he goes, Castle wants to clear the air with Alexis and tell her that she could never possibly be replaced. But that’s not what she was upset about. She just knows that waking up at college won’t be the same as waking up and having her dad right there with her. He tells her that everything is going to be fine, and if she needs him, Castle will come running.

After leaving the dorm, Castle spots a teddy bear knapsack and triggers something. He runs down to the precinct, thinks he knows where the mystery items are that forced someone to kill Wendell and Wendy. It has to be in the Gemini collectible, the only thing in Wendell’s stuff that connects him with his twin sister. He smashes it, only to find out that that one belonged to Captain Gates. Looks like Castle is in the dog house with Gates once again. But smashing the other one turns up a UBS drive and a glass eye. The plot thickens.

The USB drive contains photos from Wendell and Wendy’s parents' car crash that killed them both 10 years ago. It was a hit and run, and police said if the person who had hit them had called for help, their parents would be alive today. This whole time Wendell was on a hunt to find his parents' killer. The heist was just a ploy to steal the glass eye, a key item in narrowing down the suspects. So now, we’re on the search for a one-eyed murderer.

Castle and Beckett show up at Angelica’s apartment again, but this time, it’s the butler they are after. When Wendell stole Kirby’s prosthetic eye, he put two and two together and knew who Wendell really was. Kirby also set up the murder of Wendell and followed Wendy back to her hotel room and shot her.

Case closed, but that’s not the only mystery solved that day. Beckett revealed to Castle that the stickman from Beckett’s drawer was made by her and her dad from washed up sticks and rocks the day of her mom’s funeral. Even on the worst of day, joy can still be had.

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