Does This Big Creepy Head Look Like Pauly D? (PHOTO)
Credit: Photo via Pauly D's Twitter    
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Jersey Shore

Does This Big Creepy Head Look Like Pauly D? (PHOTO)

Getting really famous means staying at nice hotels, getting followed by the paparazzi, signing autographs for fans, and, apparently, getting a big-headed costume made to look exactly like you.

Seen DJing at the Rehab Las Vegas pool recently, Pauly D was rocking out with a guy wearing a huge head that looked like Pauly. The reality TV star posted this funny photo (left) and wrote, "This Guy Is Trying To Take My Job !!!"

We're sure the Jersey Shore roommates would never know the difference! After all, the costume shows Pauly's blowout, studded earrings, and even his big smile. Do you think it looks like Pauly D, or is it far off? Let us know in the reaction buttons below.

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Source: @DJPaulyD

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