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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS All-Stars: Was Carrie Ann Wrong to Tell Sabrina She Wasn’t Creative Enough on Week 3?

On Dancing With the Stars Season 15, Week 3: Performance the All-Stars were tasked with being the creative directors on re-interpretations of famous DWTS performances. Cool, right?

The All-Stars took their mandate to make their dances memorable differently. Some went for flash, flash, flash, with big sets, intense concepts, and fancy tricks.

Sabrina Bryan, however, decided to focus on making her dance as strong as possible, without a whole lot of trickery around it. And there's no question that her Paso Doble was one of the strongest dances of the night, technically.

However, Carrie Ann Inaba criticized her for not pushing the performance far enough, saying it was good, but something they'd seen from her before. Sabrina still got 8.5s across the board, but Carrie Ann's criticism had to sting.

Do you think Carrie Ann's complaints were fair, or was Sabrina's focus on technique over tricks the right way to go?

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