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Glee’s Lea Michele Gets Impersonated By Saturday Night Live — But How Accurate Is Their Portrayal?

Can you picture Glee’s Lea Michele (Rachel) as a Bond girl? She’s certainly sexy enough to play one, but we’d hope she wouldn’t portray the role quite like Saturday Night Live thinks she would.

The Glee star went through a Hollywood rite of passage of sorts over the weekend when she was impersonated on SNL for the first time. Cast member Nasim Pedrad played Lea in a bit about “lesser-known Bond girls.” Lea was said to have starred with Daniel Craig in a Bond film called Hippopotopussy, in which Lea knows a secret code for a missile but insists on singing the code to Bond. Needless to say, Bond isn’t as encouraging as Schue would have been.

So how accurate is the impersonation? Well, we’ll admit it’s a riot just seeing a Lea doppelganger on the show, since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Okay, so the impersonation isn’t exactly uncanny, but Nasim did an admirable job with Rachel’s upbeat lilt, and we were rolling on the floor when she started marching back and forth.

Plus, major bonus points for that beret. (Of course, we doubt we’ll be seeing Rachel in one on Glee post-makeover!)

The sketch’s finest moment is probably its depiction of what Ellen Degeneres would be like as a Bond girl, as the impersonation of Ellen is spot-on. So between this sketch and the fact that Lea was on Ellen’s show last week, it seems that Ellen and Lea can’t get apart from one another in real life or sketch-comedy form!

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10.9.2012 / 02:15 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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