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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Season 6: Will Blair and Serena Ever Be Friends Again? (POLL)

It’s never been easy for Gossip Girls Serena (Blake Lively) and Blair (Leighton Meester) to make nice for more than an episode at a time. But just think, Season 6 Episode 1, “Gone Maybe Gone” marks five years since the two were reunited, at a party at the Waldorf’s house. Although they weren’t exactly on the best terms back then, S & B have been through alot together. They got through Serena sleeping with Nate, B’s mom constantly choosing S as her own, Ivy league sabotage, a minor scuffling over Dan, and scandals surrounding everything from drugs to pregnancy to hostile marriage... how could they not end up besties in the end?

Well, at the end of Season 5, Blair got a little caught up in the whole Serena leaking her private diary to Gossip Girl thing, and used some fighting words. Among them, she told S to get out of her house and out of her life. But Blair was singing a different tune in the Season 6 premiere, apparently just happy to see that Serena was alive and well (and impeccably dressed in a beautiful gown).

By the end of the episode, Blair had gone from bitter to sweet (well, sweet for B), reminding Serena that BFF means best friends forever and that they were gonna have to be stuck together. So, when Serena said that she didn’t want that and instead wants to have a fresh start with Steven, we felt a little hurt for B. Even though Blair got the (excellent) last words, we could tell she wasn’t prepared for the rejection.

It seemed like we might lose S to the world of manicured country estates and prom poses (yeah, we saw that hand on the chest thing you did with Barry Watson) forever. But then S appeared at the VDW loft and our hope was restored. After all, we know that no one really changes and that suburbia is just a dirty threat the UESers throw around sometimes.

So, will Serena and Blair be able to put all the fighting behind them, skip the niceties phase, and go back to being partners in crime? We’re not sure, but we’d love to hear what you think...

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Blair and Serena will always love each other!

Sometimes even besties have had enough!

10.9.2012 / 07:15 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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