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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoiler: Could [SPOILER] Share a Shower?

Fans of Pretty Little Liars love a good shower scene. Need we remind you of the early Haleb days before Hanna (Ashley Benson) admitted her attraction … before school … with a naked Caleb (Tyler Blackburn)? But could another couple be joining the sexy shower club?

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Oh, Twitter. We love when you get steamy. Recently, a fan asked PLL writer Andy Reaser about the rumors behind a shower scene for Ezria. Andy responded, “both things will be in the episode, but they may not be at the same time.”

So does that mean that a shower and Ezria will be in the episode, or that Aria (Lucy Hale) and a shower AND Ezra (Ian Harding) and a shower will be in the episode. The two interpretations could mean very different things.

We’re not sure what episode Andy is referencing, but at this point, we assume it’s fairly late in the season. So let’s start with scenario one, shall we? After all, it’s much hotter.

Scenario One: Ezria shares a shower! We would definitely be supportive of this. After what we’ve heard, it sounds like a lot of drama awaits the (mostly) happy couple, so maybe a moment alone is just what they need. Or there’s always the chance that they’re in the shower together but not romantically. We know it sounds weird, but we’ve seen too many shows and movies pull off the dramatic shower scene fully clothed and not even remotely steamy (examples include Casino Royale and Grey's Anatomy).

Scenario Two: Aria and Ezra both shower, but they do it separately. This doesn’t sound exciting except for the fact that we never really see the people of Rosewood shower (unless it’s a smokin’ post-shower, shirtless Toby [Keegan Allen]). So what could Ezra and Aria be washing off? We’re guessing they’re either physically dirty or emotionally damaged. Could they break up? Could they have just returned from a physical scuffle with “A”? Or perhaps they’re just going to an event together and have to get ready?

What do you hope the shower brings: drama, romance, boring daily events, Ezra in a towel? Let us know in the comments below!

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