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Dancing With The Stars

Tearful Bristol Palin Fights With Mark Ballas: I Know You’re [SPOILER]

They're human beings and sometimes the pressure gets to them. Last week was rough for Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas on Dancing With the Stars Season 15 All-Stars, and they showed the strain during a Week 3 rehearsals argument that was just posted to

It's not a fight fight like Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani on Season 10, but it's tense. And sad. Bristol quietly says she knows Mark feels bad that he didn't get paired with his other past All-Stars partners, Sabrina Bryan (top of the judges’ leaderboard last week) or Shawn Johnson (the Season 8 winner who is paired with his best friend Derek Hough). "I feel like you're just bummed that you have me as a partner," Bristol said.

Mark asks what he's done to make her feel that way and Bristol said it's just in general. Maybe she's projecting, since a lot of fans at home have said "Poor Mark" to get Bristol again. There was a big push for him to get his Season 5 partner, Sabrina, but The Powers That Be decided to have her voted in, so by the time we knew Sabrina was showing up, it was too late for Mark, who was already paired with Bristol.

Mark said he's committing himself 100 percent out there, but he can't force her to do the same. She needs to apply herself. "I stick up for you through thick and thin — always," he added. A tearful Bristol, looking straight ahead instead of at Mark, said he plays a victim role. She’s always on time, ready to go, but one day he totally missed rehearsals. She got emotional. The video ends with Bristol getting up and walking out, saying, "I'm just not doing this anymore."

It doesn't mean she quit or anything, but at some point it does seem like this is too much negativity for what's supposed to be a fun dance show. On one hand, we feel sorry for her — since so much of the negativity is coming from outside forces beyond her control. But at the same time, it's frustrating, because it's Season 11 all over again. Why did she put herself in the same position again, putting herself up for the same abuse? It has to be draining for anyone — including Mark, who does get defensive against "haters," which doesn’t bring out his best side either.

At least when Mark is on her side, she has someone. Maybe it was just one bad moment that blew over quickly, but from here it looks like Bristol feels totally alone. Maybe she should just quit. Go home and live a normal life with Tripp. Get him ready for Halloween trick-or-treating and forget all about All-Stars — or just watch from home like the rest of us. It’s supposed to be fun!

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10.9.2012 / 12:45 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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