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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa Giudice Slams Melissa Gorga, Claims She Never Called Niece Antonia “Ugly”

Last week, Us Magazine interviewed several stars of The Real Housewives of New Jersey to discuss Teresa Giudice and, to put it mildly, the resulting article painted Teresa as a vengeful, opportunistic snob with no empathy.

Tre stayed quiet about the article last week, but now she has taken to her personal website to refute Melissa Gorga’s claim that she called her niece Antonia “ugly.”

Melissa told the mag that when she signed Antonia to a toddler modeling agency years ago, Tre was anything but supportive. Melissa reveals, “Teresa called me and said, ‘I heard Antonia got accepted.’ The she was like, ‘Yeah the ugly kids always get picked’”

Well, now Teresa is livid about Melissa’s claims and she’s letting her know it.

Teresa writes on her website, “I have to answer the INSANE LIE that I ever, ever said anything mean about Antonia. Someday when Antonia is able to Google her own name, she'll find the evil story her mother told to a magazine about me calling her "ugly" (I can only pray Melissa's words were taken out of context by the magazine and I hope Melissa sets the record straight with Antonia privately, even though she didn't publicly) but I want Antonia to also see my response: it's absolutely NOT TRUE. I adore you Antonia, and I adore Gino and Joey. You are my blood. You are Gorgas.”

Yet in true Teresa fashion, she quickly makes the issue all about herself in order to prove the point.

“And Antonia, don't ever, ever let anyone tell you you are anything but BEAUTIFUL! Know how I know? Know how everyone knows this horrible story about me calling you "ugly" isn't true? Because you look just like me when I was a kid,” she continues.

Teresa then posted several pictures of her and Antonia side-by-side, and while there is a strong resemblance, Melissa isn’t buying Teresa’s logic.

Just hours after Teresa posted all of this to her website, Melissa tweeted, “Did T seriously write a whole lying blog about my daughter? This is why I'm moving. Always about her. #enoughalready.”

Do you think Teresa is cold enough to call Antonia ugly? Weigh in below!