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The X Factor

The X Factor’s Demi Lovato — 5 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Her

So you think you know everything about teen pop sensation Demi Lovato, hmmmm? Doubtful, fan-girls. Check out these 5 jaw-dropping factoids about The X Factor's youngest judge, which basically give us 5 more reasons to adore her. Demi FTW!

1. She Has Crazy Cravings
Get a load of Demi's favorite foods: pickles, cheese (yes, please), eggs, homemade Rice Krispy treats (weirdly specific), and chocolate (duh). Basically, her fave munchies are a coat of many colors, and we want to eat all of them. Except for the homemade Rice Krispy treats — we prefer our junk food store-bought and filled with questionable chemicals.

2. She Prays Before Every Performance
In case you hadn't noticed the giant cross on her hand, Demi is friends with the man upstairs. In other words, Jesus is her home boy, and she chats to him before every performance. No wonder Demi puts on such flawless concerts — she has JC behind her!

3. Her First Concert Was Britney Spears
Much like the rest of the world, Demi is a huge Britney fan — in fact, her very first concert was Brit-Brit herself! Which is slightly amusing considering that they are currently equals at The X Factor judges' table....

4. Her Mom Was A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
Demi's mom used to wave her pom-poms in the air as a cheerleader for The Dallas Cowboys, one of the most competitive jobs in the game! "My mom tells me a lot of stories about how they would have to work so hard every single day," Demi explains to Star Pulse. "She would often tell me how sometime you couldn’t go get a drink of water on the field, even if you’re dying of thirst." Dang, Dallas. Give these ladies some water, jeez.

5. She Has 12 Tattoos
Where to begin? Demi has "you make me beautiful" scrawled on her side, a blue feather behind her ear, "stay strong" on her wrists (which cover up her cutting scars), a heart on her right wrist, a pair of lips on her lower arm, a cross on her hand, giant feathers on her side, "peace" on her middle finger, "rock n' roll" on her other middle finger, "faith" below her elbow, and "let go & let god" on her feet. You know, the usual.

BONUS: She Was Almost Trampled By Barney
Demi starred on Barney and Friends along with her Disney bestie, Selena Gomez, and poor girl barely made it through. "When we were shooting one day I almost got trampled by it [Barney] because I wasn't paying attention," Demi reminisces. "And that was frightening because the suit's extremely heavy." Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, Barney is coming for you.

Source: Star Pulse

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10.9.2012 / 11:13 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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