3 Ways to Split Up Fauxmanda and Jack So Emily Can Move in on Revenge
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3 Ways to Split Up Fauxmanda and Jack So Emily Can Move in on Revenge

Much like Herve + Chanel, oysters + pearls, and dead dog bodies + sand pits, Emily Thorne and Jack Porter are a match made in heaven. These two have been in love since they were innocent youths frolicking on the beach, but tragically a little sumthin'-sumthin' called a terrorist conspiracy tore them apart.

Jack has no idea that Emily is hiding her true identity, and as a result he's currently dating Fauxmanda Clarke –– a total imposter who happens to be carrying the fruit of his looms. Sure, Amanda's changed for the better since her days as a murder-happy stripper, but there's no denying that Emily belongs with Jack.

Check out 3 ways the Revenge Powers That Be can split up Amanda and Jack so these star-crossed lovers can finally be together!

1. Sad Times: Amanda Dies During Childbirth
We know, we know – a million tears. We'd hate to see Amanda die, but Jack is so gosh-darn honorable that it might just be the only way to free him from her clutches. We have a feeling that Amanda's labor will be hugely dramatic, and knowing Revenge she'll probably get shot by some random sea urchin (cough, Declan, cough) on the way to the hospital.

This means Jack will be single and ready to mingle with Em! Well, after he mourns the loss of his baby mama, naturally. And in these new spoiler photos from Episode 4, we see a sobbing Jack Porter chillin’ in the hospital with Emily and Charlotte you know, just the two other people connected to Amanda. Could our dreams have come true?

3 Ways to Split Up Fauxmanda and Jack So Emily Can Move in on Revenge
Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

2. Amanda Runs Away and Takes the Baby With Her
Amanda doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to running off into the great unknown, and for all we know her guilt about cheating might cause her to skedaddle. After all, poor Mandy inaccurately thinks another man is the father of her child, and she might decide the baby would be better off with its "real" daddy. If Amanda does run away, Jack will be free to date Emily – but he'd also spiral into a fit of angsty sads about the departure of his child. Sigh, it's like we just can't win on this one.

4. Amanda Falls In Love With Someone Else, Breaks Up With Jack
Amanda's head-over-stripper-heels in love with Jack and his free-flowing hair. Join the club, girl. But a lot can happen during just one season, and it's possible that Amanda will crush on another dude (no, not you, Declan –– who are you kidding?). This potential plot twist is a great option as far as we're concerned, because Amanda could stay in the Hamptons after amicably parting ways with Jack,and Em could hook up with her long lost lover. Perfection!

Do you have any brilliant ideas when it comes to reuniting Em and Jack? Dish them in the comments!

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