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Dancing With The Stars

Anderson Cooper: Bristol Palin Needs to Get Off TV and Get a Job

Anderson Cooper is on TV, but he thinks some people don’t belong there — like Dancing With the Stars All-Stars contestant Bristol Palin. In fact, Anderson and his Anderson Live guest co-host Deborah Norville had a blast ripping apart Bristol, especially her Week 3 fight with Mark Ballas.

"You cannot tell that anybody's having a meltdown, because her face is completely frozen!" Anderson said on his show, E! reports. He and Deborah thought it was weird that Bristol showed no expression and her brow didn't wrinkle during the argument, even though she's only "17," (She's actually 21, turning 22 on October 18.)

Deborah also chided Bristol to spit her gum out, and Anderson complained about the number of "likes" she and Mark used in their fight. Anderson added, "I am thinking of starting a job fair for people ... who just need to get jobs, [like] Lindsay Lohan, Bristol Palin. I think they just need to get jobs, stop being on TV!"

LiLo comparisons? At least Bristol hasn't been charged with any actual crimes — other than questionable dancing, which you'd think was a crime based on the torches-and-pitchforks reaction on Anderson. Yeah, it's frustrating that stronger dancers keep going home, but it's probably not tied to her gum use or the amount of times she says "like" during a restrained argument.

Granted, it might not be a bad idea for Bristol to leave L.A. behind and raise her son in a normal environment, away from showbiz. Maybe she will get so tired of being picked apart that she'll finally give up reality TV for good!

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Source: Anderson Live (via E! Online)

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