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Arrow’s Stephen Amell Talks Tackling Oliver Queen and His Superhero Physique – Exclusive

In advance of tonight’s premiere of Arrow on The CW, we chatted with the actor behind the archer, Stephen Amell, on the duality of the role, the part’s physical demands, and his chemistry with co-star Katie Cassidy.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What is the most difficult part of playing two characters at once? Does it get confusing at times?
Stephen Amell: No, it doesn’t. The most fun thing is that, as an actor, a scene goes from point A to point B; and what you’re thinking is, “OK, what am I trying to get out of this scene?” But what I have to ask myself before I even consider that is, “Who am I playing in this scene and which version of Oliver am I?” That informs everything. If anything, it’s kind of a help, and it’s a fun exercise as an actor.

That’s the thing I was most excited about in the pilot because I saw four distinct characters [...] It’s just fun. I liked playing the playboy guy, too. I was talking with [show creator Greg Berlanti] and he was saying that comedy [is necessary] because the show is dark and aggressive. So whenever we can use comedy and levity, we try to throw it in. And he was saying, “I like all that comedy stuff — we keep all of that stuff,” and that was really nice to hear.

How are you keeping up with all the physical demands of this show?
That’s a little bit more difficult. I don’t have time to work out as much.

Are you sleeping?
I’m sleeping great. A lot of those mornings I wake up and there’s 10 percent of the bed that I slept in and the other 90 percent is just perfectly made from the night before. I found a gym close to me; I work out with weight vests — really heavy weight vests — which take a 30-minute workout and turn it into something just awful. It’s all I can do.

Tell me what it’s been like working with co-star Katie Cassidy.
Working with Katie has been great. She’s a pro. She has all these tricks, and we’ve become really good friends, too, so I like it a lot.

Where does your love story go with her this season?
There’s history, and where there’s history, stuff is going to happen. Stuff happens! Stuff happens. We’re only a quarter of the way through the season!

Arrow premieres tonight, Wednesday, October 10, at 8 P.M. ET on The CW.

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