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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS Cast “Sad But Not Surprised” by Drew Lachey’s and Helio Castroneves’ Departures – Exclusive

Although the double elimination of Drew Lachey and Helio Castroneves on last night’s Dancing With the Stars Season 15, Week 3: Results may have come as a shock to viewers at home, few were surprised by the results backstage.

Given that both men took home the Mirror Ball during their respective first stints on the show, their dancing abilities were never really in question. However, their popularity was, according to a show insider.

“The show isn’t just about skill, it’s about how many people call and vote for you,” the insider notes. “For the most part, Drew is out of the Hollywood spotlight. He lives in Cincinnati and doesn’t perform that much. So you have to question how many people were calling and voting for him.”

“The same goes with Helio,” the source adds. “Yes, he has a decent following because of his racing, but this time around, he was competing against people who have much bigger fan bases.”

“It sucks, because both of them are well liked by the cast and crew,” the source concludes. “But at the end of the day, it’s about how many people will make that call and vote for you. The ones who don’t have strong, vocal followings are being picked off one by one.”

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