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America's Next Top Model

Kelly Cutrone Gets Into “Rude” Fight With Urban Outfitters Staff

Kelly Cutrone may want to look into the number of times she calls people rude, followed by them returning the favor, followed by Kelly calling in her friends for backup. It seems to be a pattern. We recall the America's Next Top Model judge having a tiff like that with British model Louise Watts on ANTM Cycle 18.

Fashionista documented Kelly’s latest fight, which started at an Urban Outfitters in New York. On October 9, Kelly tweeted, “Hey @urbanoutfitters on 6th and 14th - took my daughter shopping there - you have the rudest staff in the world.” One of the staff members, @OhHayPeachay (whose tweets are protected at this point, although her bio photo is of her giving the finger), tweeted to Kelly: “So it's okay for you to get equally rude with someone who is trying to do their job? I regret being nice to you at the register.”

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Kelly retweeted that comment with her own reply, “I cannot wait to send this to Dick - FYI he owns the company.” It’s like a version of “Don’t you know who I am?”

Kelly tweeted that she would be blogging about what happened, but she gave a rundown to Fashionista. Basically, she and her daughter were having a fine shopping experience until they were walking out the door and their purchase bag beeped. Apparently the girl at the door wasn't friendly and she told them to take the bag to the cashier. Kelly replied that it was her job, so the employee grabbed the bag and apparently made a mess of Kelly's daughter's stuff. Eventually things got heated, the front guard got involved and managers were called in. Read the full story for more of Kelly’s side of things.

Considering how Kelly sometimes speaks to people she seems to feel are beneath her, this may be more of a “Do as I say, not as I do” lesson in proper manners.

Sources: Fashionista, @peoplesrev

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10.10.2012 / 10:59 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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