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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Emily Thorne’s Friendship With Ashley Davenport Was a Calculated Move

In the Revenge’s pilot episode, we were led to believe that Emily Thorne and Ashley Davenport met while volunteering together and became besties. So close, in fact, that Ashley would convince Ems to move to the Hamptons and attend all of the fabulous parties she planned.

Looking back, that theory does seem a bit naive. Thankfully, new spoilers came out today that indicate there’s a much deeper story to both Ashley and her friendship with Emily.

“We know where she says she’s from, but we don’t know if she’s lying,” actress Ashley Madekwe tells TVLine. “We don’t know how she got to the Hamptons, what she’s doing there or who she’s really working for.”

Who she’s really working for?! Could Grayson Global’s most stylish lapdog have her own revengenda? It makes sense that these two scheming girls would team up, but was their friendship planned from the start?

"You're going to find that Ashley is not a random friend for Emily," show creator Mike Kelley tells TV Guide. "There's a reason that Emily chose her to be her entrée into the Hamptons world, so she's got a few cards to play against Ashley should she choose to use them.”

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We’ve already heard that Ems will get close to making Ashley a target this season. Could it be her relationship with Daniel that takes the cap off Emily’s red Sharpie? So far, those two haven’t exactly been filled with romance. But TVLine reports that their relationship gets more serious around Episode 6, “Illusion.”

That’s the episode we’ve been told will feature an “important ceremony.” Could Ashley and Daniel be having one of the weddings teased for this season?

“I also think that there were true feelings involved between Emily and Daniel that she has to resolve in her head,” Mike tells TV Guide. “She still has affection for him. Love on Daniel's side for Emily is going to cause a problem between Daniel and Ashley."

We’ve already been secretly rooting for Demily to reign once more (don’t tell Jack), but we have a feeling that Ash isn’t going down without a fight. And those spiky stilettos can hurt.

What do you think of Ashley Davenport? Will she turn out to be a villain? Weigh in below!

Sources: TVLine, TV Guide

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