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The X Factor

The X Factor’s L.A. Reid –– 5 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Him

L.A. Reid is a soft spoken music mogul and international sensation, but do you know everything there is to know about him? Doubtful, friends. Doubtful. Check out 5 fun facts about The X-Factor's sweetest judge, including the secret to his unusual name!

1. He's Nicknamed After The City of Angels
L.A.'s real name is Antonio (yes, please), so you might be wondering why everyone calls him by a nickname. Turns out L.A. earned his pet name back in ye olden days when he used to wear a Los Angeles Dodgers T-shirt. Also, we suggest you refer to L.A as "Antonio" in all future fan-fiction.

2. He Emancipated Mimi
Remember back in the day when our queen, Mariah Carey, starred in Glitter and suddenly everyone mocked her (except us, our love is pure)? We thought Mariah's career was over, but then L.A. up and emancipated her with the hit album The Emancipation of Mimi. You're welcome, world. You. Are. Welcome.

3. He Co-Wrote The Best Boys II Men Song Ever
As far as we're concerned, all that matters in this world are cheetos, Snuggies and Boys II Men. Their hit single "End of the World" forever stands the test of time, and oh yeah –– it was co-written by L.A. Reid. Which means he is responsible for the lyrics "Girl, each time I try I just break down and cry, pain in my head, oh, I'd rather be dead, spinning around and around."

4. He's Obsessed With Eggs
Eggsciting news, everyone (sorry, we had to). According to Cher Lloyd, L.A. Reid "eats a lot of scrambled eggs," a slightly irrelevant factoid that we feel brings us closer to him. The more you know!

5. He Rejected Lady Gaga (Cue Jaw Drops)
Did you know that Mother Monster was signed to L.A.'s label? L.A. loved Gaga when he saw her in person, but once her heard her demos he was thoroughly unimpressed and let her go right then and there. Of course, Gaga became an international pop superstar, so we can only imagine that poor L.A. booked a one way ticket to Regretsy Ville.

Sources: Digital Spy, Radar Online

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10.10.2012 / 10:37 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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