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Jersey Shore

What Is Snooki Doing For the First Time Since Giving Birth?

After giving birth to baby Lorenzo, Snooki said she'd have to wait six weeks to get back to her hardcore workouts. Well GTL-ers, today is 'Enzo's six-week birthday, so we're sure you can guess what this Jersey Shore chick is back to doing.

"Today is my Start to a hardcore daily workout! Wohooo #cantwait," Snooki tweeted early this morning (October 10). Well, it looks like she's not wasting any time!

Although the reality TV star couldn't get too intense with her workouts before today, she found other ways to get back into shape. Snooki said that breastfeeding and walking helped her slim down. She also turned her living room into a mini gym, by doing crunches and at-home exercises.

We think Snooks is already looking like a MILF (as she said she would be), but we're proud of her for being so determined to get back to the gym. And hey, maybe Lorenzo will even start using his toy dumbbells while mama sweats it out!

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